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What is AIEEE?

All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE)  is an examination organized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India. Introduced in the year 2002, this national level competitive test is for admission to various under-graduate engineering and architecture courses in ...

AIEEE Paper Pattern

All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) is carried out by the CBSE together with the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, MHRD. This exam is conducted to admit students to some of the top institutions in the country like IIT’s, NIT’s and other state level ...

How to Apply for AIEEE

One can apply for the AIEEE exam by the online or offline methods. Forms can also be got by post from the office of the Assistant Secretary (AIEEE). An alternative is to get it personally from the regional offices of the CBSE. Other options are the chosen branches of the Syndicate Bank or other ...

Eligibility for AIEEE

The AIEEE Exam is conducted to admit students to some of the top institutions in the country like IIT’s, NIT’s and other state level engineering colleges. The entrance in to these colleges purely depends in the rank secured by the participant in the AIEEE exam. The students who ...

AIEEE Institutes


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Clash of SSC and AIEEE exams with civic election in Ranchi

AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) and SSC (Senior Secondary School) exam aspirants are quite worried due to clash of SSC and AIEEE exam dates with civic election on April 7. Local parents’ body raised this issue with governor and expressed their anguish over the fact that ...

Highest application record for JEE 2013

The JEE-Main (Joint Engineering Entrance) , previously known as AIEEE ( All India Engineering Entrance Examination ) , has enrolled a record 14 Lakh applicants for the JEE April 2013, exam. This is the highest registration ever for the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) conducted exam. ...

Government in mood to change its policy towards filling up vacant engineering seats

Even after facing strong criticism regarding the already existing norm of granting engineering admissions to HS science students, the government has no plans to change its regulation to lift up the eligibility criterion of having atleast 45% of aggregate to fill up the vacant seats after admitting ...

AIEEE Papers

three dimensional geometry
Straight lines
Sequences and Series
Relations and functions
mathematical reasoning
Linear Inequalities
Conic Sections
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
Principle of Mathematical Induction
Permutations and Combinations
matrices and determinants
inverse trigometric functions
Differential Equations
Work Force and Power
Wave Optics
Thermal Properties of matter
Ray Optics
Moving Charges and Magnetism
Mechanical Properties of Solids
Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Magnetism and Matter
Laws of Motion
Kinetic Theory
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
Electromagnetic Induction
Electric Charges and fields
Dual nature of radiation and matter
Current Electricity
Communication systems
Atoms and Nuclei
Alternating Current
Surface Chemistry
States of matter
Solid State
Redox Reacions
haloalkanes and haloarenes
General principles of isolation of elements
Coordination Compounds
Classification of elements and periodicity
Chemical Kinetics
Basic concepts of Chemistry
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