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Job Prospects for Graduates in India

Published On: 22 Jan 2013 | Last Updated On: 22 Jan 2013

The educational path you choose always plays a major role in your career. If you would like to enter the workforce immediately after class X, trade skills such as typing and shorthand can be helpful. You can also pursue a diploma course in engineering, data entry, food processing or the service industry.

On the other hand, if you want to continue to the XII standard and beyond, selecting a field of study should be your first step. For instance, science is the most popular field of study and pursuing a science course can potentially lead you towards a lucrative career.  However, if you are interested in banking, finance or e-commerce jobs, consider studying commerce and related subjects.

The Indian economy has fortunately recovered quickly from the financial crisis due to the country’s thriving service industry in which information technology services and software workers are exported to other English-speaking countries. The first quarter of 2011 witnessed positive growth in the employment market with considerable recruitment activity taking place.

Recent survey has found that 54% of all graduate business students seeking employment received atleast one job offer at the time of survey, compared to only 32% at the same time in 2010. As per another survey conducted, recruitment in the country increased significantly in December, 2012, on the back of brighter prospects for the country. The increase was most significantly seen in the auto and banking sectors.

Automotive and Banking industriesfollowed an aggressive plan for recruitment this year, while the telecom, pharmaceutical, construction and insurance sectors also witnessed a considerable rise in recruitment activities. As per the Naukri Job Speak Index that maintains a monthly record of hiring activities online, the recruitment rate rose from 1,120 in November to 1,150 in December, 2012.

Talking sector wise, MBA job market is positive and buoyant in India. India is in fact, one of the fastest growing economies in the world and there are a lot of job opportunities as well as variety of jobs available for MBA graduates.  The graduates from top business schools have received more than one job offer and have better options to choose from in comparison to previous years, say experts. The salary has witnessed over 20% increase and sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals, engineering and infrastructure, power, real estate and the like are performing very well and they require a large skilled workforce. MBA graduates in India are well in demand by the industry.

Engineeringgraduates have always enjoyed positive job prospects. With India’s prowess in information technology industry being recognized across the globe, career in IT is considered one of the most high-paying jobs. Numerous IT companies from India employ huge number of computer professionals in their Indian and overseas offices. The thriving trend these days is that many engineering graduates opt a career in management or go for advanced courses to further specialize in respective careers.

Graduates from medical field of study have extensive job opportunities in hospitals, polyclinics, diagnostic laboratories, dental and ophthalmic clinics in the government and private sector. They can also take up research and development work in institutional laboratories or with pharmaceutical companies. Besides hospitals and clinics, physiotherapists can be employed in health clubs or fitness centers.There will always be a demand for doctors and paramedics in the rural and urban areas of the country, and abroad. Doctors could not just find employment in the government or private hospitals, but also find employment in research institutes and medical colleges, as researchers.

As for humanities study, media and journalism in India is emerging at a fast rate. Employment of artists and related workers is expected to grow about 12% through 2018.  With a degree in Humanities, one can build a career in the following fields - teaching, writing, research, public relations, internal communications, policy research and analysis, program planning, administration, information, management.  One can also look for making a career in the fields of agriculture, journalism, anthropology, archaeology, NGO, geography, industrial relation, liberal arts, library science, philosophy, psychology, research assistance, social work and many more.  You can also work with museums, galleries, schools, advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, and movie studios. Remuneration of humanities graduates purely depend on the nature of the work and the field.

To summarize, job prospects in India are currently positive and graduates from any field of study can find a suitable job to earn a living.

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