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blog_comment mingleboxadmins has answered a question on MBA
Answer : "Hi, Abhimanyu, we are happy to know the you are interested in persuing MBA. Looking into your concern we would like to suggest you to for banking and insurance as you are working in LIC. Please provide us your contact details for our expert to initiate a call and provide you valuable suggestions."
5 days ago
blog_comment mayur29303 has answered a question on MBA
Answer : "FABS my life changer institute wherein I learned many things in academics as well as personal life. What attracted me to be a part of FABS - Admission on the basis of LOI(Offer Letter) by top MNC's, the very company that hires me before admission, is the company I will be working with on completion of PGPEM. I would recommend FABS to anyone, who wants to do thinks differently, and not just in books and theory but put all the knowledge to practice in the 2 years of studies at FABS and ever after"
7 days ago
blog_comment anand51892 has answered a question on Study Abroad
Answer : "Hello sirs and madams I want ask one question is I have expert in mba course and this course is My aim"
on 30-8-17
forum_post anand51892 has asked a question on Study Abroad community
on 30-8-17
blog_comment gokulesh28256 has answered a question on MBA
Answer : "Pre-placement is the biggest differentiator between FABS and other Management Institutes, you get admission only after placement at FABS, and 9 month paid corporate internship is a part of the program. "
on 8-8-17
blog_comment gokulesh28256 has answered a question on MBA
Answer : "Pre-placement is the biggest differentiator between FABS and other Management Institutes, you get admission only after placement at FABS, and 9 month paid corporate internship is a part of the program. "
on 8-8-17
forum_post swati85071 has asked a question on MBA community
on 4-8-17
forum_post arpita97003 has asked a question on MBA community
on 28-7-17
forum_post atul70096 has asked a question on MBA community
on 21-7-17

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Regulatory mess stunting the growth of Indian higher education

The decision of the Union Government to cancel the minority status of Jamia Millia Islamia University (JMU) and Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) will neither help regulate institutions nor improve the quality of the higher education in India, writes Aparna Kalra on Hindustan Times. ... Read more

Quality Indian Education: Improvement in Learning Outcomes way forward

India boasts of having in excess of 1.5 million schools, out of which 1.1 million of these institutions are run by the Government. An estimated 250 million students have enrolled in these schools, while India's Kindergarten to twelfth standard school system is one of the largest in the world. As per... Read more

Promoting mass college education in India sans assessment a recipe to disaster

Promoting mass college education sans careful assessment of the absorptive capacity of the Indian economy, in terms of the availability and/or creation of enough numbers of lucrative jobs is a recipe to disaster, write Madhavi Gupta, an independent researcher and Pushkar, Director, the... Read more

India has to emulate Finland Education System

Guess which country comes on top, when you search Google for the best school education in the world? You will be surprised to see Finland topping the chart! Yes, you heard it right. Finland’s education system is way different from that of the US or the UK and many of the European nations.... Read more

Australia looks to forge alliance with Indian Educational Institutions

With the aim of forging alliance with Indian educational institutions , a 30-member team consisting of members from higher education arena from Australia visited New Delhi recently. The group had an elaborate meeting with Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog to get an overview on the future of higher... Read more

Deploying the earthquake warning system all over North India – IIT Roorkee

After the recent victory of its own pilot project, that has been known for operationalising the early earthquake in Uttarkhand, the IIT Roorkee is now planning to deploy their very first kind of system that shall be set up all across the sesmic prone cities in Northern region of India. Click here ... Read more

IIT Delhi and Bombay gets its ranking in QS Graduate Employability top 200

The IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi are now one among the top 200 institutions that has been producing more number of employable graduates said a recent edition of the QS graduate employable rankings list. These rankings were released on last Monday night and it pegged that both the institutes are under... Read more

Issue a NOC to open up the NavodayaVidyalayas within the State: says Madras High Court

The Madras High Court has directed the Tamil Nadu government to issue an NOC (No Objection Certificate) to open up the JNVs (JawaharNavodayaVidyalayas), saying that the Tamil Nadu State government should give upon its fear that the Hindi language shall thrust upon the students through the central... Read more

Educating about the library need for the students

After conducting a study that happened with about fifteen to twenty organisations which is working upon initiating the libraries for the children from the rural areas, the pan India 2012 and the Parag initiative has tried to understand the key challenges that are to be faced upon running the quality... Read more

Campaign for educating the students – Freedom to Shine

It was during the year 2016, the Genext students metamorphosed from being a normal learning solution to hybrid home tutoring platform. After going through about six months of research in the Raigad district that is located very nearby to Mumbai, the organisation has clearly realised that their... Read more