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2D Animation

Published On: 16 Sep 2010 | Last Updated On: 20 Aug 2013

The traditional animation of classic hand-drawn films, Saturday morning cartoons, has strongly relied on 2-D animation for years together. 2-D animation is one of its kind in which the characters and surroundings are created on a flat plane of two dimensions, unlike the three dimensions of computer animation. It can be as simple as a flip-book or as sophisticated as one of the Disney hand-drawn animated classics.


The aspirants should possess a strong interest in drawing, the arts and computer technology. Students entering an associate's degree program must have a high school diploma. An art background is recommended but not required since many programs begin with introductory courses in drawing and illustration.

Skills and Aptitude:

As a skilled animator you need to learn how to bring realistic life to visual effects, 2D images and 3D objects. There will be a need to develop highly skilled techniques by learning anatomy through molding bone, skin and other physical features.  


Salaries in animation, like in many industries, vary a great deal. However, the future for this still looks bright, even in difficult economic times, as people's fascinating with new technology appears to be limitless.  With some experience the professionals can earn six-digit salary. As a junior animator or trainee one could get between Rs.10000- 15000 per month. A three to five year experienced animator will get 25000 to 40000. And a well-experienced animator who has a good portfolio of excellent animation work could easily get 50000- 60000 per month.

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