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Graduate and Post Graduate Course Options in Animation and Multimedia

Published On: 22 Mar 2010 | Last Updated On: 04 Jul 2012

Films, television & even other sectors like automobile designing, interior designing, gaming, scientific animation, digital tutorials are incorporating animation into the product development creative cycles. Animation is about giving soul to a character by adding life to static objects using computer graphics, digital arts & graphically designed videos. It is a technical art form in which inanimate objects are brought to life by using sequences of drawn images. 

As an industry which supports the entertainment industry, a career in animation is unique as it brings together art with computer technologies. As the Animation is a global industry which is poised to grow in the upcoming future, animation artists can seek and gain a variety of job roles at animation studios in India & abroad.

Aptitude and Background Needed:

Animation is a creative field of work. Being a computer whiz kid surely helps animators as computer skills and professional training are  crucial to handle animation and multimedia software like Maya, 3D Studio Max and Tictactoon, Flash, Giff Animator, Ulead, Adobe after Effects. It requires imaginative thinking along with an aesthetics sense for art especially sketching and drawing. Be prepared to put in long hours working on Character modeling, Story board & Background frame layouts. Visualization skills help animators as work involves Texturing, Rigging, rendering, Lighting and shadow details.

A bachelor's degree or diploma in Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Visual or Commercial Art will be useful as well as knowledge of Graphic Design tools or Visual Communication Design. Courses require Students to have passed Class XII for a diploma or a bachelor's degree courses in Animation and Multimedia. Some institutes also offer Post Graduate diplomas or courses. For Post Graduate Program one should have a bachelor degree in any discipline preferably in arts.

Reputed institutes like National Institute of Design (NID) have entrance exams that test a student's perception, attitude, aptitude, achievement and motivation essential for a challenging and satisfying design career.

Course Details:

Long terms as well as short term courses are available in various animation institutes. Short term courses help those who already have some basic knowledge and want to enhance their skills. Short term courses are good for an entry level job in animation in areas like Digital Designing, 3D Modeling, Rigging, Texturing and Lighting or Compositing. Long term courses have better scope than short term courses if you want to make a serious career in animation.

B.Sc Multimedia & Animationis a three years course and carries intensive course curriculum & focuses on collaborative, experiential learning designed to give every student a unique competitive edge in the animation industry which include:

  • Fundamentals of Art, Design & Visualization
  • Computer Graphics
  • Creating Illustrations
  • Basic 2D Animation
  • Advanced Scripting
  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Illustration Portfolio (project)
  • Web Weaver
  • Digital FX
  • Games Development
  • Basics of 3D Animation
  • Advanced 3D Animation
  • Digital Filmmaking

Specializations Modeling & Texturing, Lighting & Rendering, Rigging & Animation, OR    Compositing & VFX.

Diploma Courses in animation and multimedia is aimed to develop students into Animation experts through a systematic training that covers a wide spectrum of subjects which includes Advanced Art, 2D Animation, Pre-production, Production techniques with the industry standard software, Advanced texturing and extensive final project. The program enables students to attain expertise in creating a complete animated content from concept to production.

Master of Science is a 2 years course consisting of 5 semesters advanced level program in 2D and 3D animation. Students will learn Script Writing & Story Board Designing, Desk Top Publishing, Digital Art Photography, 2D Animation, 3D Introduction & Advanced Modeling & Animation, Audio and Video, Digital Editing, Sound Editing ,MAYA, Cartoon Animation, Digital Animation & Special Effects, Interactive Media and each semester students will work on projects which will be assessed.

Professional Specialization Options:

There are several courses available in the field of animation and multimedia, each of them is aimed at equipping a person in various styles and techniques that are quintessential in this profession. These include:

  • Traditional animation
  • Stop-motion animation
  • Computer generated 3D and 2D animation
  • Clay animation
  • Photoshop
  • Human anatomy
  • Drawing

Specializations can be pursued in the field of 3D or 2D modeling, special FX creation, lighting, rendering etc. 

Visual effects usually involves the integration of live-action footage with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) or other elements, animation in general, character designing, game designing and interaction designing.

For programming and game design, individuals from IT, engineering and science background are generally given preference due to nature of job. For graphic and concept artists, fine arts background is considered over others. 

Career Opportunities:

Entertainment industry offers opportunities to animators in film and television industry, ad agencies, designing firms or multimedia companies, animation studios, video and computer game industry. Animators are in demand from firms for enhancing the organizations’ business presentations, proposals and demos, Educational institutions for tutorials and presentations, ad agencies, engineering, companies, fashion and interior designing industry, medical, and health industry. Some of the job opportunities in animation industry are as follows:

  • Modelers 
  • Story board artists 
  • Character animators
  • Background artists 
  • Layout artists
  • 2D animators 
  • Scanner operators 
  • Compositing artists
  • Visual effects artists 
  • Audio and video specialists 
  • Visualizers 
  • Texture artists 
  • Rigging artists 
  • Clean-up artists 
  • Lighting artists 
  • Digital ink and paint artists 
  • Compositors
  • Editors 
  • Key frame animators.
  • Rendering artists 
  • In-between animator
  • 3D animators 
  • Image Editors                        
  • Compositors 
  • Game Designer
  • Graphic Designer

Nature of work:

Creating an animation consists of idea development, pre-production, production and post-production. The characters and storyline are created in the idea development stage. In pre-production, the characters are modeled and story board layouts are planned. Scriptwriting, storyboarding, character development, backgrounds, layout designing, animatics and voice come under pre-production. 

The actual result of the story can be visualized in the production stage which is a blend of animation, in-betweening or tweening (i.e. the creation of intermediate frames between two main images to give the appearance that the first image flows smoothly into the second one), scanning, compositing (i.e. combining images from different sources to create a finished frame of animation), background preparation and coloring. 

Final sound recordings, color editing, testing and special sound effects are all added at the post-production stage. Post-production stage activities include editing, special effects (FX), colour correction, compositing, voice and music editing and rendering. Rendering gives the final touches to an animation scene, in which the data is converted to raster image or animation.

Institutes Offering Courses in Animation



Animation Film Design

IDC, IIT Bombay


Animation and Game Design

Arena Animation

80+ centres  all over India

Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, etc

Whistling Woods Institute


2D, 3D



Animation and  Game Design

DSK Institute of Design


Animation and Game Design





4 centers

2 D, 3D

Toonz Academy


2D, 3D

Toonz Webel Academy


2D, 3D



2D, 3D, Visual Effects, Game Design



2D, 3D



2D, 3D



2D, 3D, Editing



2D, 3D


3 centers

2D, 3D


Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi

2D, 3D, Web Animation

Xavier's Institute of Communication     



Wigan & Leigh College

New Delhi


Manipal University



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