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Minglebox Interviews Mr. Shrutidhar Paliwal -Vice-President and Head Corporate Communication and Media Relations of Aptech Limited

Published On: 09 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 11 Jul 2012

While the traditional career in academics, medicine, engineering, civil, management and services are still in place, the trend of unconventional careers is picking up among the youngsters. Thanks to the expanding academic horizon and vocational training. One such vocational course that is attracting large number of creative minds is animation.  If one claims animation to be the first step taken by man towards being creative, it would not be wrong. Think of it. The Paleolithic cave paintings were probably the first attempt made by man to capture motion drawings. Today, animation has captured all the creative minds and has given imagination a new dimension.

Minglebox discovers the growing potential of animation industry in India with Mr. Shrutidhar Paliwal, Vice President and Head, Corporate Communications and Media Relations, Aptech Limited.

Aptech is the first IT Training and Education company to get ISO 9001:2000 certification for educational services. Aptech commenced its education and training business in 1986 and has globally trained over 6.4 million students. With its presence in over 40+ emerging countries, Aptech is the leader in career education and has over 1305 learning centers across the world. Of the various retail businesses that Aptech owns, MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic) and Arena animation are the best animation institutes in India.

Mr. Paliwal throws light on the growing demands in animation and the potential of Aptech.

Animation is one of the fast paced markets with one billion dollar shares. A 30% growth is expected by the end of 2012 leading the market value to reach 1.7 billion. This being the scenario, there is a demand for 3.5 skilled animators in India. As for the job prospects, students can look forward to work in various fields.  A skilled animator could work for the multi-media companies, production houses and even for the architecture industry. This is the best time to pursue animation has there is a tremendous demand for Indianiszed content in animation. Although most of the content in animation is currently imported or international content, with 7-9 channels solely dedicated to animation there is a lot of scope for local flavor in story telling through animation.

As far as Aptech’s role is concerned, Aptech along with MAAC and Arena animation captures 80-82% share of entire animation teaching space. Undoubtedly it is the largest animation education provider in Asia. MAAC has learning centers all across India in all major cities and has an International Center in the UAE. Arena animation has 170 centers across the country. This speaks for the potential of Aptech’s educational services.

Minglebox: What is the demand and potential of vocational training in India and what is Aptech’s role in this area?

Mr. Shrutidhar: Vocational training in India is gaining momentum. Talking about the western countries, most of the plus two graduates have undergone skills training in one or the other field. You have trained and skilled carpenters, plumbers, mechanics etc.  In India on the other hand, the number of skilled employees is as low as 5%-7%. Since not everyone cannot be an engineer, doctor, the role of career education or vocational training as it is called is immense.

Aptech has been in the education training sector for 26 years now and has trained over 6.5 million students over six different branches in IT, animation, English training, Hardware and Networking, Aviation and Hospitality. The growth of Aptech is vocational training is bound to reach great heights.

Minglebox: Could you give us an insight on Aptech’s IT and Computer education?

Mr. Shrutidhar:Aptech is the pioneer in the IT and computer education sector. The IT sector is a matured market and the growth is significant. Technology gets updated every passing minute and it is very important to update the education curriculum in the light of employment. To increase the employability factor, Aptech offers various courses that include skill development courses, career courses and short term or bridge courses.  Emphasis is laid on the curriculum and is updated as per the need of the industry. Aptech offers a wide range of courses that include Career courses, Short term or bridge courses.

Minglebox: Mr. Paliwal could you give as an idea about Aptech’s scope in overseas market?

Mr. Shrutidhar:Aptech sees a lot of potential in the overseas market, specially the non-English speaking countries and countries that do not follow English as the second language. Currently one third of the revenue is obtained from these markets.  In the African countries and Vietnam, Aptech is the number one IT education provider.  Aptech is following a multi-geography and multi-brand strategy in these markets and is looking forward to earn 50% revenue from overseas market in the next two years.

Minglebox: What do you think is the USP of Aptech/MAAC?

Mr. Shrutidhar:MAAC lays a lot of emphasis on providing the best infrastructure to provide on-job training environment to the students.  It also believes firmly in updated content and delivery. In the corporate world, execution and delivery is what matters and MAAC and Aptech deliver s the best updated content. Another feature of the institute is the teacher training. To provide the best of updated technology, we provide the teachers of the institute with training that helps them stay ahead in the upgradation age. In addition, I would say franchising is the other USP of Aptech. In a nut-shell delivery is the key.

Minglebox: Can you tell us a little more on the on-job training and placements in MAAC?

Mr. Shrutidhar:MAAC provides placement assistance to students on successful completion of their course. The Academy also provides recruitment assistance to studios & companies who wish to hire trained & talented professionals for various job roles. Students are shortlisted based on the organization's requirement. In addition, the academy also provides internship as a part of the course in various production houses where students do the professional work required adding to the work experience.

Minglebox: Could you elaborate on the theme “Future we want.”

Mr. Shrutidhar:The students of MAAC worked with the United Nations Information Center for India and Bhutan which was pursuing the theme “Future we want”. The theme primarily focuses on improving the lives of the poorest around the world.  This campaign aims at addressing seven different topics on sustainable development . MAAC students worked in groups in shooting movies revolving around some of these topics, which were later showcased by the UN.

Minglebox: How do the 24FPS awards help in the promotion of animation?

Mr. Shrutidhar:The 24FPS awards brand property was created eight years ago and plays a huge role in recognition given to Indian animators. These awards are like the Oscars, but given to animators. These awards give students an opportunity to meet and mingle with distinguished jury members who judge the movies showcased by the students in various categories. The exposure it gives is very important for the development of animators. Avatar was also one of the entries for these awards.  This is the best international platform for young animators to present their production.

Minglebox: Lastly, why should students choose MAAC?

Mr. Shrutidhar:The academy speaks for itself. It is always the best to choose the leaders and MAAC is the leading institute in animation. MAAC along with Aptech, as mentioned before holds 80-82% shares of the animation industry. The facilities and training provided is advanced and the delivery is the best. With film fraternities, media fraternities on the advisory board, the exposure every student gains is remarkable. MAAC is the one stop destination for success in the field of animation.

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