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Web Designing

Published On: 05 Apr 2012 | Last Updated On: 20 Aug 2013

Web designing deals with the process of developing a website. Web designers use images, texts and other interactive elements to produce a web page visible on a web browser. Web designers use markup language most commonly HTML for creating structure and CSS for presentations and JavaScript to include interactivity to create pages which are readable by web browsers.

Overall, the web designing process includes idea conceptualization, preparing plan, production, post production, research activities and advertising.

Web designing refers to an art of presenting content to the user by utilizing World Wide Web. A well organized web design helps a company to raise queries that increases sales and raises the asset value of the business.

In the internet world, websites act as an important tool that apart from helping companies to locate their targets also helps in tapping the market while being located remotely. It has emerged as a significant communication medium for corporate houses. Companies can establish a global corporate identity and deal with their customers from any part of the globe at any time.

The web design based on information technology helps companies to present their products to international customers with particulars of the presented products at relatively low cost. The websites have emerged as a cost effective tool of sales and advertising.

Websites use various disciplines namely; graphics, animation, information architecture and interaction design while assigning a digital identity to a corporate house. Each website is designed in a specific manner to cater to the varying needs of the customer. The website is designed keeping in mind what a customer is looking for while browsing a site. A well defined goal helps in identifying what a visitor wants which also helps the site in segregating the target audience.

Different technologies used for web designing are as follows:

Style sheet languages (Ex. CSS and XSL)

Markup languages (Ex. XHTML, HTML and XML)

Multimedia technologies (Ex. Silverlight and Flash)

Database technologies (Ex. MSSQL, MySQL)

Server Side Scripting (Ex. ASP and PHP)

Client side scripting (Ex. VBScript and JavaScript)

Depending on the company requirements, company website can be either dynamic or static. Minor changes can be made on the website after it goes live however major updates and redesigning can take place periodically.

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