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3Dimensions Training Centre

Dombivli (East), Maharashtra, India

3Dimensions Training Centre (3DTC), Maharashtra is tied up with Sahadab International(UK). The vision is to sustain and enhance its excellence as a new media education specialist through outstanding teaching so as to produce well-rounded graduates with life long...

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AAT, Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

AAT, Mumbai is a premier education player with focus on media, entertainment, design and business studies. AAT shall offer a truly global learning experience, facilities and faculties to cater to human resource requirements at a global level. The main aim of AAT is...

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Academy of Digital Arts and Communications

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Academy of Digital Arts and Communications , Mumbai .The Academy of Digital arts gives each student a total immersion, and hands on experience to the Art . A leader amongst digital arts offering specialization courses in Sound Engineering and...

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Academy of Education Development - Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Academy of Education Development, pune has been started by Mr. S. Saxena who himself is a professional animator having vast experience. He has done many Indian and international projects. He started this academy to impart quality education and create high end...

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AEC College, Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

AEC College offers quality programs in Business, Tourism and Hospitality, Media & Communications, amongst many others. Asian Educational Consortium (AEC) stands out as a prime education and training provider. They are proud to have earned the Singapore Quality...

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AKS 3D Animation Classes

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

AKS 3D Animation Classes, Mumbai is a company that is surging ahead in the global entertainment industry. Its their route to success in computer graphics. They provide world class expertise to everyone involved with computer graphics; through industry proven...

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Ambitious Entertainment

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Ambitious Entertainment, Pune is the Animation and Film production company dreamed by Mr Avinash Dubey and started by mixing of talented and creative professionals. He is a guy with Creative blend. He is in this animation industry and trying to pull Bollywood in...

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Anibrain XDI

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Anibrain XDI, Pune is India's leading institute teaching high end VFX, Gaming, Animation & New Media Studies. Anibrain XDI is offering the most advanced and cutting edge courses in India today. They create and offer courses to students that provide their...

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Animation Academy - Head Office

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Total Branches : 4

Animation Academy (AA), Mumbai was estabilished in 2006 at Malad West Mumbai. The institute Courses are designed by studio professionals in mumbai as per the industry requirement and are also taught by instructor having experiance & understand the creative and...

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Animation Magic

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Animations Magic, Pune with its strong compulsion to design education in the context of Indian requirements, to respond to the necessity of a analyzing whole systems of beliefs approach to animation education. This is in keeping with Animations Magic current effort...

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Animatix Computer Education

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Animatix Computer Education, Mumbai is one of the leading Computer Organization based in Mumbai. Animatix was established in 2006 by the Chairman & founder Mr. Moiz Hyderabadwala. Since the time of Animatix establishment the Organization has progressed from 2...

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Anitoons - The School of Animation, Nagpur

Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Anitoons - The School of Animation is an Division of Anitoons Animation Pvt. Ltd., is the first Animation Institute of Delhi since 2001. Anitoons The School of Animation or popularly known as Anitoons Production is an exclusive Training Center for 2D Cel...

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ANTS Animation Training School, Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India

ANTS Animation Training School was established in 2004. Ants has an excellent work culture and a talented group of employees, who pride themselves in working to bring the art of animation closer to the common man. At ANTS, the students are exposed to every facet of...

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AonlineTraining, Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

AonlineTraining, Mumbai was established in 1985, is a division of Compufield-The Pioneer Computer Institute. The Institute is experienced in training students and professionals, in any field from India and abroad. The main aim of the institute is to impart online...

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