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  • I WANT TO STUDY MD/MS IN US. WHAT S PROCEDURE.FEES STRUTURE By arul3638, On 29 Apr 10 4 answers Tags: md ms

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  • Hi Arul! Thanks for writing to!

    MS is the Master of Science degree. To get an MS degree, you should have ideally obtained a Bachelor’s degree. Students who have completed three year degree are only eligible for master’s degree. It is also mandatory for students to have taken any of the English proficiency tests along with the other admission test as per the universities policy. MS course is for around 2 or 2.5 years in the US.

    The application form can be downloaded from the respective university website. The completed application form along with the required documents and your GRE/TOEFL scores should be sent at least 5 to 9 months in advance to the universities.

    Most of the universities will consider GRE/TOEFL score rather than academics. Admission committees consider standardized exams, like the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT, to make comparisons among applicants from different countries and different universities.

    The tuition fee is the US is $5000-$9000 per semester. The living expenses will be around $250-$700 per month with only basic necessities.

    Good Luck! By sonal53666, On 24 Jul 12
  • hi i wanna study ms in us so tel me the procedures and fees structure, i'm currently pursuing final year B.E.CSE... By madhan08890, On 15 Aug 10
  • i want to study ms in embeded systems..which is the best university for doing this course in usa..?? By puneeth34303, On 31 May 10
  • for studyng in US from medical stream u will first have to clear the USMLE exam which include 3 steps.(get more information on USMLE on That will get you permission for studyng in US. By tushar4557, On 30 Apr 10

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