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  • Hi Abhinesh, Thanks for writing to

    M.E.O. Class IV Certificate of Competency, a candidate is required to obtain a pass or exemption in M.E.O. Class IV part 'A' examination and then render qualifying sea service for six months, of which at least four months shall comprise watch-keeping on the main propulsion machinery of not less than 750 kilowatt registered power. The candidate then has to obtain a pass in M.E.O. Class IV Part 'B' examination. There will be four written papers in M.E.O. Class IV Part 'A' examination, similar to those in the present M.E.O. Class II Part 'A' examination. There will be six written papers followed by orals in M.E.O. Class IV Part 'B' examination including those in the present M.E.O. Class II Part 'B' examination.

    Procedure for Upgradation of MEO Class 1V Certificate of Competency is

    Pass or obtain exemption from MEO Class II Part (A) Examination if not already done so; Attend 3 month approved preparatory course; Pass the following six subjects under the four functions as detailed hereunder :
    Function: Marine Engineering at operational level.

    1. Marine Engineering Knowledge (General) (One paper of 3 hours)
    2. Marine Engineering Knowledge (Motor or Steam) (One paper of 3 hours)
    Function: Maintenance & Repair at operational level.
    3. Marine Engineering Practice (one paper of 3 hours)
    Function: Electrical, Electronics and Control Engineering at operational level.
    4. Marine Electro technology (one paper of 3 hours)
    Function : Controlling operation of ship and care for persons on board at operational level.

    5. Ship Construction & Stability (one paper of 3 hours)

    6. Ship's Safety & Environmental protection (one paper of 2 hours)

    and oral examination covering all the above functions.

    Refer here for more information regarding Singapore Application Procedure, Singapore universities -

    Cheers By minglebox-counselor, On 23 Apr 13

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