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  • Hi Mushtaq, Thanks for writing to

    A second mate (2/M) or second officer is a licensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship, So for that there is exam and after passing in that you can get licence. There are several duties which the person has to perform after becoming 2Mate officer.
    You do not need any Class XII PCM as eligibility is given entirely on the basis of your sea service and not your educational qualifications. However, a good knowledge of mathematics and science would be of help to the students in passing his examination.

    The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is the authority responsible for implementing the STCW. As the National Sea Transport Representative, the MPA safeguards Singapore's maritime/port interests in the international arena. This extends to being the Government's Advisor on matters relating to sea transport, and maritime/port services and facilities.The Training Standards Department (TSD) of MPA oversees maritime training and certification of seafarers.

    TSD conducts assessments of seafarers to ensure that they have acquired acceptable standards of skills and competence to perform the required tasks on board ships. Simulator-aided assessments and oral examinations for officers sitting for the various classes of CoCs are conducted. The CoCs issued by MPA are in full compliance with the STCW requirements.

    Refer here for Singapore universities-

    To prepare personnel working onboard vessels plying within port limit, the MPA has an array of training courses. The courses conducted include navigation and engineering as well as port related training courses.

    Refer here for Application requirements in Singapore Universities -

    Cheers By minglebox-counselor, On 29 Apr 13

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