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Top Four Engineering colleges in Chennai

Chennai boasts of a list of best engineering colleges in India mainly because it is a city which requires a lot of engineering graduate for its ever-increasing industrial market, its IT industry, its Film industry etc. If we make a list of the industries and its requirements we will come up with... Read more

IITs reaching out to women who have cleared JEE (Advanced)

With crude developments in the social set up in the past few years and conditions becoming more and more insecure for girls, female candidates and their parents shy away from getting admissions to IITs even after they qualify, mainly because both the girls as well as their parents prefer that they... Read more

M.Tech in Translational Engineering – An overview

A Masters in Translational engineering is a mode of study that encourages the lab to field concept. The Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram, has announced that it will offer a four-semester M.Tech Translational Engineering programme in collaboration with Columbia... Read more

Food Processing Engineers – A Career Overview

Food processing engineers are those who are involved in developing, refining food, processing food products and also developing packaging and processing equipment. Their workplace may be anything from a laboratory which is climate controlled where they are involved in development work or an office... Read more

B.Tech courses for Speech & Hearing-Impaired students

People who are speech and hearing impaired are now being gradually taken into the main stream through the help of assistive devices. These assistive devices are things like keyboards, screens, mobile phones etc. that somehow convey to the person the meaning and use of a used word or it is with the... Read more

Benefits after STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – STEM education is important for us and our future. With the rapid advancements in technology it is not only important to us, but to our country and our children. You cannot avoid STEM – it is everywhere, a part of our daily life. ... Read more

Orientation for Freshers at College!

Making the transition from school to college life can be a little confusing for many students. As a new college student you can be brimming with questions – What should I major in? Will I make any new friends? How will I find the class I need to be in? Who should I go to if I have a question?... Read more

Career Opportunities for ACCA Students

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA is a British accountancy organization that offers Chartered Certified Accountant qualifications for students. You need to clear two levels of examinations: Fundamentals Professionals Fundamental Level The Fundamental... Read more

Why a Career in Financial Services?

For an outside, the world of financial services may seem very confusing – more so as people have a lot of different opinions and perspectives. At times, even what people say can be difficult to understand. To put it simply, financial services are the different variety of products,... Read more

Top 10 Universities Offering Life Sciences in UK

Life sciences encompass a wide variety of subjects, with biology being the main one. It also includes subjects like zoology, botany, neuroscience, and bio-engineering. Most universities offer students a general life science degree, allowing for specialization later on in the course. Since life... Read more