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Published On: 25 Jan 2010

 | Last Updated On: 20 Aug 2013

MBA in Aviation Management endows students with an understanding of the air transport industry, the challenges and issues it faces, while simultaneously providing the aviation industry with what it needs most; aviation management graduates who understand the intricacies of the air transport business. The air transport industry plays a vital role in today’s global society.

Role of Aviation Mangers:

Aviation Managers stay in demand at airports; airlines; transportation support fields; and local, state, federal, and international regulatory agencies. Technical experts with computer, electronic, instrumentation, inspection, and investigative skills are in great demand in these areas. The aviation industry also has many opportunities available in research and development.

This is because work is frequently being performed to analyze aviation and to determine what can be done to make it safer and more efficient, as well as to develop new products and techniques designed to enhance the success of the aviation industry as a whole.

Top Aviation Management Institutes:

  • Avalon Academy, Bangalore
  • Shastri Group of Institutes, Pune
  • IIFLY- Aviation Training Center, Mumbai
  • Avalon Academy, Mumbai
  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai

Areas of Aviation Management:

The three primary areas of focus in aviation management are Fixed Based Operation Management, General Airport Management and Financial Management. Fixed Base Operation Management (FBO) centers on the business practices involved in operating a maintenance facility at a commercial airport.

General Airport Management revolves around the practices and policies of planning and management within the wide-ranging areas of a commercial airport.

Corporate Financial Management focuses on the principles and techniques of financial analysis and long-term financing, capital management and budgeting within the aviation industry. One of the most significant areas of growth in aviation management is air traffic control. The air traffic control system is an immense network of individuals and machines that strive to ensure the safe operation of both commercial and private airplanes.

Air traffic controllers coordinate the movement of air traffic to make certain that planes stay a safe distance apart. Their immediate concern is safety, but controllers also must direct planes efficiently to minimize delays. Some regulate airport traffic; others regulate flights between airports.

Additional Opportunities:

The aviation industry additionally offers many employment opportunities in the area of employee management. This is because firms in this industry have quite varied employment relationships, and there is considerable evidence that these variations affect outcomes of critical interest to the airlines and their employees. For example, cross-functional coordination among occupational groups has been shown to be a critical determinant of turnaround time and other key productivity and quality outcomes.

In more general terms, labor relations have been a pivotal issue in the recent history of the aviation industry. Highly adversarial labor relations exact a high price on profits and in some cases, such as the former Eastern Airlines, can contribute to the demise of an entire organization. At the other extreme, innovative and cooperative labor relations can be a source of significant competitive advantage, which makes the need for effective employee relations managers more paramount than ever.

The aviation industry requires management in the areas of public relations, finance, business operations, civil engineering, personnel and labor relations. Managers in the aviation industry may also at times be responsible for making and enforcing airport rules and regulations, planning and supervising maintenance and safety programs, negotiating leases, determining the airport budget and promoting increased use of the airport. Thus a career in aviation management offers a plethora of unique management opportunities that offer variety, advancement potential and job security.

Companies offering Placement in Aviation Management:

  • Sahara India
  • Indian Airlines
  • Indian International Airways Ltd
  • Kingfisher Airlines
  • Haytrans I Pvt Ltd
  • Flywell Aviation Pvt Ltd
  • Deccan Airlines
  • Multi Track Air Charters
  • SRC Aviation
  • Panda Logistics Ltd
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd
  • Bird Group
  • Trans Asian Aviation
  • Varman Aviation Pvt Ltd

Joining a better institute will take your hopes and career in the aviation companies shown above. As India has emerged lots of Air facilities and airports rapidly, being an Aviation Manager has become a better career source in India.

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