Prospects of Aviation courses in a nut shell

Published On: 08 May 2012

 | Last Updated On: 07 Jul 2012

Flying across the wide blue sky is a dream for many, passion for some and a career for many more.Few years ago, aviation sector was considered as an exclusive terrain of the rich and offered scarce opportunities.  Indian Air force was the only route one could think of to fulfill one’s flying dream in those days. Today, this is no longer the case.  Aviation industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy. There are well reputed institutions, flying clubs and associations that help in molding a career in aviation.

Different jobs provide different wages, each depending on the nature of the job, the economic conditions, and hierarchy in the job profile and so on. The aviation industry is no different in this case. It provides for career opportunities to suit many interests and backgrounds and pays accordingly.

 A student pursuing a course in the aviation industry can be successfully placed in diverse roles/jobs in airlines and airports as airport managers, cargo agent, passenger agent, flight dispatcher, air traffic controller, ticket agent, flight attendant or cabin crew, customer service agents, cargo handler & baggage handler, crewing/ rostering, check-in, passenger service & ticketing, sales & reservations, aviation safety, tower control & administration.

 In India, aviation job profiles like cabin crew, operation executive and air hostess have become immensely popular among the fresh graduates. Top airlines companies like Sahara India, Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, India International Airways Ltd., Trans Asian Aviation and others look out for candidates who have been trained through professional aviation courses.

Besides career prospects in India, there are many job opportunities available in the aviation sector abroad. Those who have completed their aviation courses from reputed institutes in India may apply for jobs in international airlines like Lufthansa, Emirates, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and many more.

Aviations courses help in developing overall personality which includes their grooming, technical knowledge and other extracurricular activities. Grooming is the major aspect which is concentrated on as it just does not include makeup but also weight management, skin and hair care, dressing, attitude, walking style etc. Technical knowledge is not restricted to aviation only, hospitality and travel & tourism are other areas which are given equal importance. This gives students a wider exposure. Students can choose their career in any of these fields. For Example if a student does not meet the height criteria for cabin crew job, she/he can always join hotels or Tourism companies.

Jobs in the aviation industry offer good remuneration and perquisites, which often includes free travel for employees and their families. Salaries can vary somewhat within the industry and are higher in foreign companies and agencies.

Even the government or aviation regulatory bodies offer numerous job profiles related to this field. The rapidly growing aviation industry in India has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the entry of private airlines and low cost carriers.

With the Indian airports becoming bigger and busier, new jobs are opening up rapidly. With the extremely lucrative nature of these jobs, the prospects for a career in the aviation industry are extremely bright.

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