Scope of Joining Private Airlines in India

Published On: 14 Jun 2012

 | Last Updated On: 07 Jul 2012

Owing to the drastic increase in the number of private airlines over the decade, the future of aviation industry in India looks promising, with a potential to offer an array of career opportunities to the growing population in the country. 

Scope in the sector! :The growth of the private airline industry in India has led to a steep rise in the number of private airlines and airports in the country today. Quite evidently, private airlines have been living up to the reputation of being a humongous employment generator, considering the ample number of employment opportunities offered by these airlines to a large number of people. From a Pilots, Flight engineers, Stewards, Cabin Crew members,Commercial pilot, Air cargo pilot, Co-pilot, Cabin crew,Cabin safety instructor, Air traffic controller, In-flight base managers, In-flight managers, Cabin services instructor, Training instructor, Cabin crew, Maintenance controllers, Aircraft maintenance Engineering, Cargo officers, Quality control manager, to Guest service agent,as well as various corporate/management positions and many more, private airlines are always on the lookout of skilled and trained professionals who can rightly fit into the industry. The job options available in the aviation sector are not just financially rewarding, but provide room for growth and development. Moreover, the increase in the number of private airlines has led to a phenomenal increase in the economic growth and development in the country.

Why the demand?: Taking the present day population explosion into consideration, the scope of joining private airlines in India is indeed, immense.  The need for better, faster and budget friendly modes for commuting by air has led to the dire need of quality private airlines which in turn needs quality staff to cater to ever increasing needs of the growing number of passengers, for confortable yet affordable air travel. The introduction of economic private airlines like Go air, Spice jet, Deccan airlines, and Kingfisher and more has made the mode of flying a lot comfortable, easier, and possible for the common manwho can enjoy better flying experiences at economical rates, in addition to offering massive employment opportunities to many people.Experts state that there are great possibilities of increase in job opportunities in the field of aviation.

A degree in B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering can open a wide range of opportunities in private as well as government airlines,today. Moreover, courses and diploma’s in Aircraft systems and maintenance, Aviation Hospitality (Steward) and an air force pilot. While training to become a commercial pilot might be an expensive and cumbersome procedure for many, you could always find a job in the aviation industry, which is suitable for you and interests you.

Undoubtedly, to opt for a career in the field of aviation is indeed a very intelligent one, given the bright scope in terms of career opportunities and growth, along with the increase in the number of passengers, and private airlines, which is expected to show further increase in the years to come.

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