HRD ministry to introduce open-book exams for CBSE schools

Published On: 29 Jun 2012

 | Last Updated On: 29 Jun 2012

The HRD ministry is planning to introduce a system of open-book examinations for Class X and XII students at CBSE schools, in a bid to counter the existing system of rote learning.

However, the new system will not allow students to appear for examinations along with their books. Instead, students will be informed beforehand about lessons and paragraphs from where the questions will be asked.

The new system will require students to answer situational subjective type questions, which will assess the student's ability to analyse a question and apply their knowledge effectively to find a solution. This will encourage students to think critically, while assessing the students' understanding of the concept.

As per the sources from HRD ministry, a committee for school examination reforms will work on the proposed format so that it can be introduced in CBSE schools by 2013. The committee will be headed by CBSE chairman, Vineet Joshi.

Officials from the ministry revealed that the new system will help students understand concepts, rather than memorize and reproduce them in the examination, thereby reducing the stress on students. Also, the format will help improve the value of the education system by positively affecting the learning and teaching systems.

A similar system has been great success in UK and USA. Although the examination format followed in US and UK allows students to carry textbooks to the exam. However, the examinations consist of only analytical questions aimed at testing the student's understanding rather than memory. Also, questions are set in way that students will not be able to find direct answers in their textbooks.

Source: Deccan Herald

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