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Published On: 27 Dec 2008

 | Last Updated On: 04 Jul 2012

Clinical Research is a systematic study to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of medications or medical devices by monitoring their effects on large groups of people. Clinical research has become a multi-billion and multidisciplinary industry. A number of factors favor India as a clinical research hub. There are numerous government-funded medical and pharmaceutical institutions with state-of-the-art facilities, which can serve as ideal centers for multi-centered clinical trials.

India boasts of well-trained and qualified manpower, well versed in English. The research and the development process in India can be done at a more affordable price. More importantly, there is vast clinical material, which can be utilised, due to the prevalence of a large variety of diseases, including widespread cases of cancer and diabetes, India is viewed the world over as the ideal location for clinical research trials for the pharmaceutical industry.

Eligibility Criteria: -

Graduate / final year graduation students in Life Science, Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Paramedical Science, Allied Heath Sciences and Biotechnology. A is a must to enter this field. Ideally the industry is looking for science graduates from pharmacy, medicine, life science and bioscience. Within bioscience too there are various other fields such as botany, zoology, biochemistry and genetics. Anybody who fulfils these criteria can join the industry.

Job Prospects: -

The demand for professionals in this field is growing rapidly. Clinical research business in India will be worth $1 billion by 2010. Thus, there will soon be a massive demand for clinical research professionals, making it an interesting career option with massive growth potential. According to a survey, there are 2,50,000 vacancies available worldwide 50,000 job openings in India by 2010. Highest remuneration packages owing to the shortage of skilled professionals.

Job profile: -

Clinical Research branches off into various categories at the entry level. The most common entry-level position is that of a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). The role of a CRA is varied, they are key participants in the design, implementation and monitoring of clinical trials. Bio-statistician is those who, perform statistical programming, design, and analysis for clinical trial projects.

CRM are Clinical Research Managers, they supervise design and writing of protocols, case report forms and informed consent forms for clinical trials. There are other posts too such as Clinical Research Coordinator, Business Development Manager, Clinical Research Investigator, Clinical Data Manager etc.

Remuneration: -

There is high demand for trained professionals in this field; the pay package is impressive at the entry level. Freshers can expect a pay packet of around three lakhs or more per annum.If you have a master's degree backing your qualifications, then the amount is almost doubles. Clinical research is an industry where experience counts, thus the longer you are in this field; higher the salary you can expect. The clinical research industry worldwide is growing at unparalleled rate.

It has opened up new vistas for employment for a large number of trained professionals. The clinical trials market worldwide is worth over USD 26 billion and the industry has employed an estimated 2,10,000 people in the US and over 70,000 in the UK, and they form one-third of the total research & development staff. There are more than 2,50,000 positions vacant globally and salaries vary in the region of approximately USD 40,000 per annum for a Clinical Research Coordinator.

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