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Published On: 11 Nov 2011

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In IIT JEE Engineering Entrance Exam, one of the toughest questions which a youth has to face while they are trying their level best to get admission in prestigious IIT institutes of country. The IIT JEE Exam pattern is not very significantly changed as year passes by but the questions in IIT JEE entrance brings new challenge in front of candidate. The questions at IIT JEE will include integration of concepts which student has gone through the chapters prescribed in different text books of subjects that were taught to them in class 11th & 12th standard.

This is engineering competition exam, therefore its main subjects are - Physics, chemistry & mathematics, as IIT’s are engineering & technology oriented institutes. IIT JEE Exam requires core understanding of the subjects; it’s far more different from than state level .Cracking the level of IIT JEE will require good level of mathematical techniques along with overall deep understanding of the subject.

The IIT JEE Exam pattern took a new curve. IIT JEE is now having single phase examination of objective question only in all the sections, of all three subjects. It’s able to make out the ability of student on the basis of his analytical & logical skill and able to judge his comprehension level.

IIT JEE Exam 2012 Pattern:-

IIT-JEE 2012 is a single-stage examination divided into two papers. Each paper is of three hours and consists of three separate sections, comprising of questions from Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Paper 1:- This Paper has 84 questions in total - in the order of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Each subject had 28 questions and the pattern was exactly the same for all the subjects. All questions carried 3 marks. Hence the maximum mark for the paper is 252.

Paper 2:- This Paper has 57 questions in total - in the order of Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Each subject had 19 questions and as in paper 2 the pattern was exactly the same across the subjects. But questions had differential markings, each subject had 79 marks and the maximum mark for the paper is 237.

There will be 2 question papers with 3 hrs of duration with multiple choice answers. Both the question papers will consist of three separate sections on Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. They will be of objective type, designed to test comprehension, reasoning and analytical ability of candidates.

The answers for each of the questions are to be recorded on a separate, specially designed, machine-gradable sheet of paper (ORS Optical Response Sheet). While answering each of the questions the candidate is expected to darken the bubble(s) against correct answer(s) using hard black (HB) pencils only. In some sections, incorrect answers may be awarded negative marks.

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