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E.N.T (Ear, Nose and Throat) is a specialization in the field of medical science which deals with problems related to ear, nose, throat, head and neck. Primarily, E.N.T deals with infections and disorders related to allergies, ear, nose and throat.

The specialists in E.N.T can also diagnose thyroid cancer, throat cancer and laryngomalacia. The duration of MD (ENT) is three years. MD (ENT) is a postgraduate program. Any MBBS doctor who has graduated from a recognized institution by Medical Council of India (MCI) or its equivalent is eligible to enroll into MD (E.N.T.) program.

List of Courses:

  • Diploma in ENT
  • Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology
  • Doctor of Medicine in ENT
  • Master of Surgery in ENT
  • Post graduate diploma in otorhinolaryngology

Eligibility for MD (ENT) Program: -

For admission into MD (ENT) program a student must have a MBBS degree from a recognized university/board and it should be recognized by Medical Council of India. After completion of courses such as Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine one needs to be prepared for taking an entrance exam for studying further. The all India post graduate entrance test is conducted at a national level. Central government institutes such as PGI and AIIMS conduct an all India entrance test for MD (ENT) program. Some state entrance exams are also conducted for the domicile holders. Deemed universities and private colleges such as DY Patil and Manipal University also conduct entrance exams for the particular course.

Skills required for becoming an ENT Specialist:-

For becoming a skilled ENT specialist a candidate must have good communication and management skills since one is often required to counsel the patients since many times surgeries are of elective nature. Since one needs to work long hours with a microscope candidates are required to have immense patience. A good amount of patience is also required in the surgeries of very long duration.

The different ENT specializations are:

  • Pediatric ENT
  • Otology
  • Head & Neck Surgery
  • Facial plastic surgery
  • Neurotology / Skull base surgery

Career Prospects for an ENT Specialist:-

After acquiring the required specialization, one can become a lecturer or an assistant professor in a teaching institute. Candidates can also work in a private or government hospital. In fact, most of the ENT specialists take up this lucrative opportunity to first work in some private or government hospital to gain considerable experience and then commence their own practice. Setting up own practice hones ENT specialists skills and develops their confidence even further.

Candidates who are confident about their knowledge at times set up their own practices right after MS/DNB. Setting up private practices is quite simple since an ENT specialist can perform surgeries for different hospitals one is attached with.

After completion of MD (ENT) program students can take up research. Students can also take up MCH (Oncology) program, which is a super specialization reserved not only for ENT surgeons but also for other students with an MS in orthopedic or general surgery. Specializations can also be pursued through clinical apprenticeships or fellowships.

A lot of people sub-specialize in head, neck and voice surgeries. Fellowships can be pursued for neck and head oncology, skull-based surgeries and Cochear implants.

Some job types:

  • Consultant
  • ENT assistant
  • Researcher
  • Professors
  • ENT surgeons
  • Private practitioners

Colleges Offering E.N.T Courses / Programs: -

The list of colleges that offer MD (ENT) course in India are mentioned below:-

Once a student becomes an ENT specialist, income is certainly not an area one has to think about. The remuneration for an ENT specialist is mostly quite good. With becoming an ENT specialist one always has the luxury to become a general E.N.T doctor without getting involved in surgical procedures. So, students interested in the medicine field not desiring to engage in complex surgeries can definitely opt for this option.

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