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India ranks second in edX enrolments

Published On: 05 Sep 2013 | Last Updated On: 17 Oct 2013

The non-profit massive online open course (MOOC) platform edX has become a much preferred option for Indian students, as per officials of edX. It was launched by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University in 2012. India ranks second in enrolment for edX courses, after the United States of America (USA), the officials added.

edX officials claimed that MOOCs are expected to bring about a revolution in the quality of higher education in India. Depending on the requirement, edX will offer blended campus-based or online courses. As per research conducted by edX in partnership with institutes such as the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B), MOOCs will enhance education and pedagogy all over the world, he added.

MOOCs have become a rage globally with its interactive mode of learning. MOOCs enable candidates from across the globe to access top-class education from premier global universities online and free of cost. Students can access lectures through video facilities.


As per officials of edX, it has entered into a partnership with IIT-B to make courses offered by IIT-B accessible to students across the globe. IIT-B is striving to develop blended and online courses as well as provide training to engineering teachers. There are around 5,000 engineering colleges in India at present with more than 1.25 million students. IIT-B will utilize edX’s MOOC to create more competent engineering educators in India and overseas, the officials added.

The courses to be offered by IIT-B are still in the making. Upon completion, the courses can be accessed at www.edx.org .

Premier Indian educational institutes do not feature in the Top 100 global rankings. In such times, the partnership between edX and IIT-B is expected to tap talent from Indian universities, use them beyond the traditional physical framework of educational institutions, be a guiding force to the scores of meritorious students and revolutionize the overall education system through technology as well as research, edX officials added.

One of the challenges faced by MOOCs in India is lack of internet access, claimed edX officials. However, the Indian government is striving to create a national broadband network to meet the crisis, the officials added.

As per edX officials, the opportunity of immense global access, coupled with the potential to collect lot of data for research can revolutionize pedagogy. The MOOCs have achieved great heights during the short span of time since they were introduced. How much the MOOCs achieve in the future remains to be seen, added edX officials.

Source: The Hindu

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