Around 70% of students feel that the Number of Colleges is Diluting the Quality of Education

Published On: 13 Oct 2011

 | Last Updated On: 14 Oct 2011

Around 70% of students feel that the Number of colleges is diluting the Quality of education

Minglebox “Voice of Youth” conducted an exclusive survey on - “Is MBA and Engineering losing its Mojo?” Nearly, 2000 students in the age group of 18-25 took this survey and most of the students feel that the high number of colleges has led to a dilution in the quality of education.

Reason for this survey:

Minglebox “Voice of Youth” conducted this survey for understanding and analyzing student’s views on Engineering and MBA courses.

Outcome of the survey:

The following outcomes can be drawn from the below mentioned graphs:-

  • Almost 70% students feel that an MBA/Enginnering degree is losing its allure as there are too many colleges offering the same which has led to a dilution in the value of the course.
  • Around 55% of students feel that doing Engineering will not drastically change the course of their career and feel that any other course wil be as helpful in their career path.

Do you think MBA has become redundant degree nowadays?


Do you feel doing an MBA would significantly change your career growth?

What do you feel is the reason for decline in interest in these two fields?
Conclusion that can be derived from this survey is that most of the students feel that Engineering and MBA  are no longer the only courses that guarantee a high pay and a defined career path

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Minglebox.comhas launched a platform "Voice of Youth" for youngsters to discuss and express their views on different issues such as education, placements, colleges, peer pressure and careers etc.

Voice of Youth conducts survey’s on various issues and expects to engage young people from different communities, colleges and schools to not only share ideas but also respect and understand others opinions and views on a common ground.

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