Common entrance test for PhD courses in UP

Published On: 08 Jul 2011

 | Last Updated On: 29 Mar 2012

Uttar Pradesh government has decided to conduct a common entrance test (CET) for PhD courses in all the state universities.

The state government has also decided to set up a University Management System (UMS), which would include a comprehensive database of all the students and teachers in all state universities.

In addition, the state has asked all the universities to adopt a minimum common syllabus (MCS) to ensure uniformity and efficiency in the state’s education system. MCS would be applicable from the 2011-12 academic session.

The state universities have been provided syllabi for 63 courses and they have been advised to inform the government by July 15 regarding the action they would take for upgradation and revision of syllabi.

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Source: Business Standard

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faizan yusuf : when will the forms become available for phd-2012 and from where?

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