Do teachers play an important role in our lives?

Published On: 12 Sep 2011

 | Last Updated On: 12 Sep 2011

This teachers’ day September 5, 2011, Minglebox conducted a survey on the topic –“Role of Teachers in Life”. 88% of the students replied that the teachers played a very important role in their lives. 7% students replied that the teachers did not play an important role in their lives. 5% students replied that may be the teachers played an important role in their lives.

The survey depicts how important teachers are in our lives. Teachers are the main guiding force in a student’s life.  From the ancient times within the Indian social structure teachers have always held a very sacred position. The teacher-student relationship has a special significance in India and the mythological tale of “Eklavya cutting his thumb in Guru-Dakshina for his Guru” is world famous.

To celebrate this importance of teachers and birth anniversary of Dr. Radhakrishnan, second president of India and an educationist, teacher’s day is celebrated on every 5thSeptember in India.

Sadly, in today’s very fast paced world with new emerging technologies, the role and value of traditional teachers is gradually decreasing. But one should always keep in mind that teachers are just not teaching, they are moulding the future generation, communities and countries.

So, every teacher’s day do take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to call/write a mail to the teacher who made a difference in your life and helped you reach where you are today!!

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