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Government to cut high tuition fee for foreign students in Canada

Published On: 30 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 03 Aug 2012

In a move to attract more foreign students, the government of Canada revealed in a report that Canada’s educational institutions should stop charging international students higher tuition fee than the fee the local students are charged.

The report noted that New Zealand and Australia have ended the difference in tuition fee for foreign students studying in their countries for post-doctoral and graduate courses. However, in Canada international students are charged six times more tuition fee than local students for attending university or college. The report also suggested the education policy makers to  re-consider the rule of difference in education fee keeping in mind  the competition in the global educational market.

As per the report, more than $8 billion was contributed to the Canadian economy by international students in the year 2010. Canada’s educational expertise is a valuable export for the Canadian economy. Countries like India, China, France, Saudi Arabia, USA, and South Korea spend 14% to 44% in importing educational services from Canada. In addition, international students could also become a valuable source of highly skilled labor to the Canadian economy.

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