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New Zealand bridge courses record poor pass rates

Published On: 03 Aug 2012 | Last Updated On: 03 Aug 2012

The recent reports from Ako Aotearoa- a national sector for tertiary teaching excellence revealed that most tertiary students fail to perform well in the bridge courses needed for higher education. Less than 40% of students who were surveyed passed their course and only one third of students studying these courses expressed interest in pursuing a higher qualification. The report brought to light the poor quality of the education providers and stated that the quality of teachers must be improved and importance should be given to student Results from day one in order to secure good Results.

The government of New Zealand has invested huge amounts in these courses to engage young adults in higher education. However, the purpose stands defeated with students securing poor Results. With a motive to change the present scenario, the government is now taking measures to ensure that the students complete their courses. Education institutions that do not improve their quality of teaching will no longer be applicable to receive government funds stated the sources from the government.

Source: One News

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