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Private institution in UK -Regent's College will award its own degree

Published On: 27 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 28 Jul 2012

Regent’s College has now been given the power to award its own degrees. The college’s move is likely to increase the competition in UK’s higher education system. Regent’s College, which is situated in London’s Regent’s park, is one of the two institutions to be given the power to award its own degree in July this month. It aims to get a status of a university in the near future.

Before the move, students studying at Regent’s College received their degrees through partnerships with other universities and educational institutions. Students of the college pay about £14,000 a year to the college. Regent’s College is a charity college and most of the profits are invested back into the college. Sources from the university stated that, Regent’s college has been educating students for the past 25 years and its next step is to apply for the title of a university.

Universities Minister David Willetts, stated that the government in eager to increase the competition in higher education in UK. He also stated that he is pleased that there is another institution to provide higher education in the market and to fulfill student demand.  However, sources from the college Union expressed that this move will encourage profit making institutions to demand the right to award its own degrees. They stated that this would lead to making the educational system in England into a profit making organization.

Source: BBC News

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