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Singapore fresh graduates receive higher starting salaries

Published On: 08 Aug 2012 | Last Updated On: 26 Dec 2014

Here comes another reason as to why a higher degree in Singapore can be a great idea. A survey conducted by Hay Group, a Human Resource consultancy revealed that this year’s fresh graduates have secured higher paying jobs when compared to the previous few years. The salaries of the newbie graduates have relatively increased to 3% from 1% comparatively.

Students possessing a higher degree and with multiple honors secured a pay of SD 2,766 while those who did not have an honors in their kitty were offered an average pay of SD 2678. Jobs in the field of engineering offered the highest initial pay which was recorded to be SD 2777 on an average for graduates without honors. Professions in the Research and Development sector drew an average salary of SD 2764 while graduates with jobs in merchandise operations got paid a standard amount of SD 2742.

The survey named ‘Fresh Graduate Pay Survey 2012’ was conducted on a sample of 79 companies hailing from various professional expertise and territories from all over Singapore. The fact that the world economic landslide has little or no effect on the pays of graduating students in Singapore gives the lion city an edge over other popular places drawing international students.

Source: The Pie News                                        

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