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International students express disappointment over work opportunities in Australia

Published On: 24 Jul 2012 | Last Updated On: 24 Jul 2012

A recent study by the Deakin University revealed that, it will be hard for Australian universities to attract foreign students if they are not ensured good work experience in Australia. Opportunities to work after graduation have become more important for forming international student’s choice of country to study abroad.

139 students, studying accounting, nursing, and engineering were interviewed for the study. The study also interviewed government officials, academics, employers and university staff.  Based on the result, the study found that many international students were not happy with the opportunities given to them to obtain useful experience in Australia. Without their own network, international students found it really difficult to find practical work experiences.

The study also showed that China is one of the major providers of foreign students to Australian universities. Employers in China seek more job applicants with Australian degrees. They wanted employees who had experience of working in foreign countries like Australia.

The study stated that government, universities and employers should give better opportunities to international students if Australia should remain as one of the top destinations to study abroad.  If not, international students will likely choose other countries where better work opportunities after graduation are given to them.

Australian economy gains billions of dollars through international students each year. A research by the Australian government showed international students contributed $15.7 billion in the year 2011. 378,535 full-fee paying international students enrolled to Australian universities in 2011.

Source: The Sidney Morning Herald

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