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Canadian Universities exploring Indian shores

Published On: 05 Mar 2010 | Last Updated On: 12 Sep 2011

The Canadian universities are enabled with world-class infrastructure in various fields commerce, science and engineering and the Canadian government has been investing heavily in University research capacity in recent years. In the recent past, the Concordia University from Montreal, Canada signed memorandum of understanding with eight educational institutions in India including TERI University; National Institute of Design; Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and VIT University.

Under the agreement with TERI, to take just one example, the researchers of Canadian Universities will be working on climate change, bio-fuels and sustainable business, all recognized areas of strength at Concordia. Concordia’s focus on this trip was to renew or extend educational and Research and Development (R&D) collaborations in five distinct areas of expertise: aerospace engineering, information and communication technologies, life sciences, sustainability, and energy and the environment.
However, about 5 per cent of Concordia’s full-time teaching and research faculty are born in India. The number of Indian students going to Canada has been growing steadily, and Canada is keen to see these numbers multiply randomly. Their institutions are increasingly working collaboratively with their Indian counterparts in research, student and faculty exchange programmes and curriculum development.
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