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Published On: 04 Nov 2011

 | Last Updated On: 04 Nov 2011

The dynamic mix of culture, artistic creativity and fascinating history of Germany makes it an attractive place to study abroad. The seventh largest country on the European continent with the second largest population in the European Union and ranked as world's 3rd largest economy, Germany provides you a number of good reasons and benefits for studying there. Pursuing your higher studies from this distinct and charismatic country provides you an opportunity to explore the most exciting moments of your life. Here are the highlights on why one should choose Germany as a study abroad destination:

 Helps you in gaining an edge in the international job market:

Germany’s economic position as one of the three biggest world economies along with US and China make studying in Germany more helpful. While Germany’s economy ranks at number 3 on a global economy, regionally, Germany's economy remains one of the driving forces behind the European Union (EU). US trades mostly with Germany than any other country in the Europe. Germany is also the 3rd largest global trading partner of US. Around 1000 German companies are running their businesses in US and approximately 750 US companies are based in Germany. So this long lasting relationship between two nations can prove a boon for your career.

High Academic standards:

German Universities have set outstanding academic standards. With more than 300 higher educational institutes all across the country, Germany offers one of the largest university systems in Europe. There are 11 German universities in the QS World Rankings Top 200 Universities highlighting the quality of both teaching and research in these institutes.

Promotes Research work:

Germany is ranked as number 2 for its R & D. It has given birth to many scientists and promotes medical research. U.S. and German researchers have worked together on a number of joint projects such as SPACELAB, Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES) and International Nautical Almanac. Another landmark in science includes wind and solar energy production. German is one of the main languages in which scientific publications are written.

Streamlined visa process:

Visa process is streamlined and requires minimum documentation.There is no need to provide financial declaration documents. Students are allowed to stay for 1 year post completion of their study program and their work permit is extended easily by their employers. You can get permanent residency permission within 5 years of your full time employment in Germany. Foreign students can even opt for German immigration.


Paid Internships:

Germany is the only country in the world where university programs are followed by paid internships in top companies that ultimately leads to full time employment.

Perfect place to pursue a career in publishing industry:

The publishing industry of Germany has been ranked as number 3 after UK and China. Bertelsmann, world’s largest publisher is from Germany and has recently bought the well-known U.S. publishing firm Random House. So if you are interested to enter into publishing industry then Germany is the right place. Knowledge about the arts and science behind the big German publishing industry will equip you with valuable skills.

 Land of the world’s greatest composers:

If you are a music lover and want to pursue your career in music then Germany is the right choice as it is the home for world’s greatest composers. Handel, Bach, Schumann, Mozart, and Wagner all are of German origin. You will get an opportunity to better understand their symphonies, orchestral pieces, and other creations.
Study abroad in Germany has plenty in store for its visitors such as exciting cities, cultural diversity, museums, beautiful landscapes, music and major festivals. Do not miss Oktoberfest, wine festivals and the famous annual Karnival. Study abroad in Germany will not be complete without the authentic German lunch of sausage (Wurst) and apple strudel.

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