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Germany as An MBA Destination

Published On: 31 Oct 2011 | Last Updated On: 31 Oct 2011

Being ranked as the World’s 3rd largest economy, Germany is one of the world’s prominent industrial nations. Germany with a strong economy, a successful history in business and industry and a large population of over 82 million is not known worldwide for its B-schools and MBA programs. Though Germany is the largest country in Western Europe, not many German B schools are listed in the European school rankings. The idea of taking an MBA is at a very nascent stage in Germany and is gradually taking a grip. German recruiters perceived management PhD as a traditional German PG degree and this trend still continues in Germany due to its historical strength and importance of doctoral level education in Germany. But now the executives in Germany have started realizing the significance of MBA in getting good job opportunities and in response MBA market in Germany has seen a substantial growth in recent years.

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