Germany : Types of educational systems

Published On: 17 Oct 2011

 | Last Updated On: 03 Nov 2011

There are three types of educational institutes in Germany.

These are:

1.    Universities : These are also known as Universitaten. The Universities in Germany Concentrate on basic research so that the higher courses of studies can be done easily. The higher stages of study focus on Theoretical concepts and Research oriented components. These Universities offer a wide range of academics Discipline.

2.    Universities of applied sciences: These are known as Fachhochschulen in Germany. These Universities aims to improve the technical skills of students in particular area. Specialized courses offered in University of applied sciences are:

a.    Engineering and other disciplines
b.    Business oriented skills
c.    Social works
d.    Design Areas

Their goal is to provide skills related to application oriented and some professional traits which also include Integrated and supervised work assignment in industry, institutes etc.

3.    Universities of art and music: In Germany these are known as Kunst and Musikhochschulen. Theses Universities offers studies in subjects of:

•    Fine art,
•    Performing art
•    Music.
•    Design areas
•    Architecture
•    Media and communication

These Universities also provide courses related to Film Industry such as:

•    Directing
•    Production
•    Writing in theatre
 Film and other media

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