Charmie: Student , University of Florida

Published On: 19 Aug 2011

 | Last Updated On: 14 Dec 2011

Please tell us more about your educational background.

Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from SVNIT, Surat and Master's of Computer Science from University of Florida(UF).

Please tell us something about your current college and course

My Graduation College (University of Florida) has a policy for mandatory 4 core courses, out of the 5 they offer. Some of the professors are very well known and the education system is very flexible and offers a lot of options in terms of courses.

Why did you choose to join your College? What were the other institutes that you were considering?

UF is a well known university with a good placement record. The courses and the professors are really good. Also, the fees were a major consideration in selecting the college. I was considering SUNY, Buffalo as my alternative option, but this college had better courses.

Which criteria must an aspirant keep in mind while choosing/applying to a University?


1. Courses offered targeting his/her interests and how renowned the college is in that area.
2. Fees and scholarship opportunities

Did your Extracurricular activities/ co curricular activities help you in getting an admit?

I am not very sure about that.

How did you prepare for GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS? What were your strong and weak areas? How much time did you allocate for your preparation? Tell us in detail your preparation strategies for GRE.

I prepared for GRE using Barrons. My strong area was Mathematics and weak area was analytical writing. I prepared for two months.
What was your score, what would you advice an aspirant to focus on while preparing for the exam?

My score was as follows - English: 620, Maths: 760 and Analytical Writing: 2.5
Focus on learning the word lists.

Now that you have made it to a foreign university, how do you find it? Has a Foreign degree turned out the way you thought it will be? How good are the foreign universities compared to Indian Ones?

It is a very different experience than studying in an Indian University. I find it more flexible and there are a lot of choices.

What are your future plans?

To get a job and work for couple of years.

Student, University of Florida

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