Manmohan Chandan Prasad : Student , Georgia Institute of Technology

Published On: 19 Aug 2011

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Please tell us more about your educational background.

I have complete my 10th (ICSE) from Bishop Cotton Boys' School, Bangalore - 87%, and 12th (ISC) also from Bishop Cotton Boys' School, Bangalore - 80%
BE (Mechanical): Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College of Engineering, Under VTU - 84%

Please tell us something about your current college and course

University: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
College: The Daniel Guggenhiem School of Aerospace Engineering
Course: Masters in Aerospace Engineering,
This University is one of the highest rated universities in the US, appearing in the top 10 listings for many of its engineering programs, it is a state funded university located in an urban campus.

The Aerospace Engineering Program at this university is rated as the 4th best in the US for the Graduate level. This college is known to have a rigorous academic program, where the work load is quite high.

Why did you choose to join your College? What were the other institutes that you were considering?

The rating for this college is high so I have selected the same. The aerospace engineering program in this university is one of the most respected , it has excellent professors, lot of research opportunities and the course is rigorous - introduces a lot of practical knowledge

Other Institute I had applied to:
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
University of Maryland
Drexel University
Which criteria must an aspirant keep in mind while choosing/applying to a University?

Course Rating
Research/Internship Opportunities - Depends on if student is interested in research or job
Funding Opportunities
Among many other criteria

Did your Extra curricular activities/ co curricular activities help you in getting an admit?

My Extra-Curricular activities were technical competitions; they showed that I had practical exposure of my subjects.

Other extracurricular activities (Non Technical), shows your motivation levels, but I believe they do not affect the application process directly

These are my opinions, for my course of choice, the criteria for admission vary from university to university, and from course to course.

How did you prepare for GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS? What were your strong and weak areas? How much time did you allocate for your preparation? Tell us in detail your preparation strategies for GRE.

GRE Verbal - Vocabulary Buildup, my prime area of preparation. I had spent a few hours a day for 2 months for sample papers.

GRE Math - Go through general solution strategies for the various problems; work out a few sample papers.

TOEFL - Check Format and do 1 or 2 sample papers, depends on your comfort level with English language.

What was your score,What would you advice an aspirant to focus on while preparing for the exam?

GRE - 1350, TOEFL - 112

Concentrate of verbal section as this tends to be more challenging as compared to math section, but DO NOT get slack on math, work out a few papers to make sure that you are comfortable with the type of questions and format.

Now that you have made it to a foreign university, how do you find it? Has a Foreign degree turned out the way you thought it will be? How good are the foreign universities compared to Indian ones?

The course rigor here helps to build up a very strong foundation in the subjects that you have opted to take. The courses were slightly harder than expected. Amongst the Indian universities, I would say that the IIT's tend to have a similar course structure and tests.

What are your future plans?

Possibly a PhD

Manmohan Chandan Prasad
Student, Georgia Institute of Technology

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