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One of the most sought after courses today is MBA. Not only is the number of students pursuing MBA in India is increasing with every passing year, a lot of students are also applying to the foreign universities to obtain an MBA degree. USA being the top destination for higher education, attracts a lot of students every year. Minglebox will give you a brief on the MBA degree in the US, its value, cost and job prospects of pursuing of pursuing an MBA in the US.

Eligibility criteria pursuing MBA in US

  • To be eligible for the MBA degree, most universities require you to have completed 16 years of undergraduate education. The Indian three year degree is not considered for MBA. You will have to complete a four year course like engineering to be eligible for MBA courses.
  • Part time diplomas, professional courses like ICWA, CA are usually not considered. However, most US universities are now considering the Indian CA qualification.
  • Most universities will also not consider the certificate courses provided by private institutions like NIIT and Aptech. This again depends on the university’s admission policy.
  • Work experience is recommended by most of the US universities. You should have a minimum of at least two-three years of work experience.
  • All US B-schools requires you to take up GMAT. High scores on GMAT are very essential to obtain admissions in MBA. As an international student, you should also remember that GMAT is important for your student visa.
  • Most of the universities also consider the TOEFL scores

Top MBA Programs in US

There are various MBA programs designed to fulfill the requirements of working professionals seeking management education in USA. This includes programs such as Master in Information Technology and Master of Accounting, Master of Finance, Master of Commerce, Master of Health Care or Hospital Administration and Master of Industrial Administration etc. Some of the leading MBA programs in USA which are in demand in the companies as well as students are as follows:

MBA in Healthcare, MBA in Finance, MBA in Accounting, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Human Resource Development, MBA in Project Management, Online MBA and MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Top 5 B-Schools in USA

  • Stanford University Stanford, CA
  • Harvard University Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) Cambridge, MA
  • University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) Philadelphia, PA
  • Northwestern University (Kellogg) Evanston, IL

MBA Admission procedure in US

The application procedure in USA for MBA program varies from university to university, though many schools follow the same admission process. For your reference we are giving you the important steps of admission procedure:

Application Form:

  • This is the first step for admission to any MBA program in any university of USA. Check for the MBA Application forms and their deadlines well in before time. You can get application forms in 2 ways:
  • Send an email to request an application form on the university website.
  • Download from the university website. Candidates can also download the application form from the university website.

Academic Record:

Your past academic record plays a major role in getting you admissions in MBA in USA. Admission requirement differs for every university but the academic record requirement is common for all MBA programs offered by business schools in US. The marking system for universities in USA is also different from that of our Indian system. They follow the GPA method of checking. GPA stands for  Grade Point Average method, which is based on five points like A, B, C, D and F.

GMAT and TOEFL Score:

GMAT and TOEFL scores are the standard tests scores accepted by most of the universities in USA for admission to MBA program. International students from non English speaking countries are required to clear TOEFL exam. Candidates are required to attach their GMAT and TOEFL score along with their MBA admission application form. The average GMAT score required for admissions to top MBA colleges in USA is above 680.

Work Experience:

Most of the B-Schools in the US prefer students having work experience. Studying MBA in USA requires minimum of 3 years of work experience unlike any other educational courses. Work experience helps to determine whether you are serious about pursuing MBA or not. It also helps to determine the specialization which suits you best. Candidates with prior work experience can participate in case studies and peer group sessions which is a part of MBA programs in US.

Letter of Recommendations:

Letter of Recommendation forms an integral part of admission process in USA. It is a statement of signature from people who know you professionally or has taught you any of the MBA subjects. This is similar to reference letter. The person recommending you should add his position, how long he knows you and regarding what. The person should brief about the requirement, significance and how useful is MBA program for you in his letter.

Application essay:

This is also known as MBA admission essay or personal essay and gives your brief impression to the university as an individual. It helps to differentiate you from other suitable candidates. If you mention your strategy into a convincing essay form, then your chances of getting admission increases to manifold. Candidates are also required to attach a personal statement along with the application essay, which elaborates different reasons for choosing particular university for pursuing MBA in USA.


Most of the business schools in USA follow a common admission structure. Admission interviews are gradually becoming popular among the universities in USA. Applicants are interviewed to know them better. It depends on the admission board of a particular university whether to conduct interviews or not and they invite the applicants for interview process. The interviews are generally taken by the school representatives or MBA admission Board or by third party such as faculty members in international or domestic centers.

Though, MBA in USA opens a plethora of opportunities for the students, one should aspire for it only if he/she has adequate funds available with them. There are alternatives available such as bank loans and Scholarships but Scholarships are very limited in number and bank loans should only be availed if you are sure about your re-paying capacity. So aim what your pocket allows!

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