Seer University USA Partners with JGI to develop incubation centers in Bangalore

Published On: 20 Jul 2012

 | Last Updated On: 20 Jul 2012

Seer Akademi USA Inc is partnering with Jain Group Of institutions (JGI Group) Bangalore to build an advanced incubation center and an electronic lab in Bangalore. Seer Akademi deals in promoting incubation and Engineering education.

The partnership will be investing $15million to develop a 300 acre campus in Bangalore housing an incubation facility, training centers and research labs. The lab will offer programs in computer engineering in courses such as- Very large scale integration (VLSI), advanced software engineering, Telecom solar Photovoltiac (PV) and embedded systems.

As per the department of Electronics and Indian Semiconductor Association, a shortage of 2.8 million in manpower is estimated by the year 2020 in the electronic segment.

To promote product development in the electronics and promote research and entrepreneurship, sector, Seer company had earlier also partnered with other universities in different cities in India such as Gujarat University and Hyderabad-based JNTU.

Source: Business Standard

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