Germany: Studying and living

Published On: 14 Oct 2011

 | Last Updated On: 03 Nov 2011

Germany is the largest economy in Europe. The country has a strong tradition of excellence within technological development, and offers a wide variety of opportunities for students wishing to study abroad. Germany more that 2 million students are enrolled out of which 2, 50,000 are international students.

Germany admission guidelines:

The students need to follow certain guideline for taking admission in Germany colleges and university. So, for that students are advised to prepare some checklist.
Various Educational institutes in Germany:

  1. Universities  or Technical University
  2. Universities of Applied Sciences
  3. Colleges of art / Colleges of music
  4. Private and Church Sponsored Institutions
  5. Universities of cooperate education


Programs/courses in Germany:

German university courses not only attract Indian students for study also attracts international students to study in German colleges and universities.
Admission cycles for German universities

Germany has two admission cycles:

For summer sessionclosing date is 15, January

For winter session close date is 15, July

Eligibility Criteria

For Undergraduate Course:

Applicant must have completed upper secondary studies and school leaving certificate. One should give a test to prove theirlanguage skills in English and German .
Most Widely acceptable test is TestDaF and the DSH for giving the proof of knowledge of German language.

For Masters Degree

Applicant must have completed a four year bachelor’s degree program. Few institutions even consider three year bachelors degree for admission .

 For Ph. D courses:

Applicant needs to have a Master's Degree.A student’s English speaking ability is judged on the basis of the TOEFL scores.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee varies from college to college. One requires paying 500 Euro every semester and 50 Euro as an Admission fee foreach semester.

Living expenses

While going to a school or university in the Germany as an international student, one needs to be very careful about the expenditure. Cost of living expense is 250 euro a month (on average). The amount can vary from type of accommodation you opt., you should reckon on spending on your living expenses which will include some mandatory health insurance etc.


There are different types of housing from simple rooms sharing kitchen, bath/shower, self-contained housing and single or double apartments. German government offers around 18, 000 places as students housing all over the country , this is the cheapest form of  housing in Germany.

Work and study in Germany

Students can work up to a limit of 90 full days or 180 half days in a year. To do this you need to take authorization from German authorities. But there are some restrictions so please check before taking a job.

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