Bangalore University now offers Tatkal Seva to award Degrees Pay a price for your own certificate!

Published On: 25 Jan 2012

 | Last Updated On: 12 May 2012

After course completion, acquiring one’s degree certificate from any of the Indian universities is quite a task. Sometimes running around behind one’s degrees becomes a very big problem for the students.

Bangalore University (BU) has now found a way to solve the big problem of the students. BU has now introduced Tatkal Seva, a service, which was till now mostly offered by Indian railways and passport offices.

The Tatkal Seva started by BU requires the students to only fill up a form and submit the same at the Pariksha Bhavan for receiving the certificate at the earliest.   The application form for the Tatkal Service can be downloaded from BU’s official website. Currently, this service is slowly and steadily becoming popular among the students.

Sources from the registrar office reveal that the certificate will reach the applicants within 15-30 days after applying. Even though, the college awards certificates to students twice a year in the convocation, Tatkal Seva has been introduced for students who need their degrees urgently.

The Tatkal seva is open to the students who did not take their degrees during the convocation program. Rs 4,000 additional will be charged in the total amount of fees for this service. The price for acquiring the degree differs depending on which academic year the student completed his degree. The prices are mentioned below:-

Pass Out year


5 Years Ago

Rs. 4000+200

10 Years Ago

Rs. 4000+400

15 Years Ago

Rs. 4000+600

20 Years Ago

Rs. 4000+800

25 Years Ago

Rs. 4000+1000

The service however is not so new in BU. Earlier; the university had this service under transitory regulations but discontinued it.

However, BU has now decided to re-introduce it due to increasing demand since students have to wait for minimum six months for their degrees, which is very inconvenient for students who need their degrees urgently for either admission or a job.

The BU students are quite happy with the re-introduction of the system and are enjoying the convenience offered to them by getting their degrees sitting at home. Well, all conveniences have a price tag and so does the BU’s tatkal service.

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