Colleges withdraw AIEEE applications after MTU probe

Published On: 28 Jun 2012

 | Last Updated On: 28 Jun 2012

Following a probe by the Mahamaya Technical University (MTU) into the admission process at 24 colleges that had directly applied to the AIEEE for spot counseling, 11 colleges have withdrawn their applications. Officials from the university said that the issue has been forwarded to the Central Admission Board (CAB), who will take any necessary action against the colleges.

As per officials, the 24 colleges should have consulted the MTU before submitting their documents to the AIEEE. They added that bypassing the MTU and applying for the spot counseling is a violation of the single window admission to technical universities guideline laid down by the Supreme Court. The move also violates MTU rules and government guidelines on admissions.

MTU had earlier asked the 24 colleges to submit the documents they had sent to the AIEEE, on the basis of which they had applied for spot counseling.

Officials from the MTU claimed that the colleges will not take in students through spot applications. However, officials expressed their fear that in case a college did admit a student based on spot counseling, the university would be put in a tight spot as they would not be able to enroll the candidate.

Source: Times of India

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