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The number of private universities grows in India

Published On: 14 Mar 2012 | Last Updated On: 15 Mar 2012

The private universities in India are reported to have increased significantly. As per the findings of a report compiled by management consultancy group Parthenon, the private universities in India have increased to more than 2 times in number in the last 6 years. Before 2005, the country had only 20 private universities but the number increased to 107 in 2011.

The report named “Private Universities in India: An Investment in National Development”, will be released at a conference in New Delhi on Tuesday by union human resources development (HRD) minister Kapil Sibal. “Private scale universities are capital efficient and self-sustaining enterprises for entrepreneurs and investors. Private education serves to bridge the employability gap for students and employers.”, said the report.

Source: Hindustan Times

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