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Arts– At a glance

Published On: 27 Jun 2012 | Last Updated On: 20 Aug 2013

The creative industry is competitive, but that’s symptomatic of the passion and dedication one exudes  

in his professional career.  Success in this industry depends on how an individual develops his own indigenous style aesthetically, procuring an invincible name for himself.   It takes hard work and determination, the ability to sell yourself, and to produce the goods. The capability of excellent communication, precise writing and understanding is always an advantage for them who want to make a career in the field of arts.

Course Details

  • There can be some specific conditions regarding eligibility and admission, for a specific subjects like communication and administration courses . Otherwise, there is a general criterion, which is a pass in 10+2 examination (for the undergraduate programmes).
  • In India, almost all subjects of humanities are offered at graduate and post graduate level in colleges and universities. One can opt for research programmes as well.
  •  A graduate candidate is eligible for post graduate courses. They are subject related conditions for pursuing PhD programmes.
  • In the field of arts, students are largely given theoretical knowledge. However, there are many subjects that demand practical exposure, for example, performing arts.

Career Prospects

  • Employment of artists and related workers is expected to grow about 12% through 2018.
  •  With a degree in Humanities, one can build a career in the following fields - teaching, writing, research, public relations, internal communications, policy research and analysis, program planning, administration, information, management.
  • One can also look for making a career in the fields of agriculture, journalism, anthropology, archaeology, NGO, geography, industrial relation, liberal arts, library science, philosophy, psychology, research assistance, social work and many more.
  • One can also find work with museums, galleries, schools, advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, and movie studios.


  • About 60% of artists are self-employed.
  • Remuneration of humanities graduates purely depend the nature of the work and the field.
  • An art graduate can earn anywhere between Rs 10,000 – Rs 12,000 at the beginning stage which is poised to get better in accordance to one's capability.


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