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Top Arts Courses in India

Published On: 20 Jul 2011 | Last Updated On: 20 Aug 2013

Humanities/Arts discipline is generally introduced at the undergraduate level. There are numerous subjects in the humanities/arts stream at the undergraduate level for the students to choose from. Most of the students prefer to pursue honors courses in their respective areas of interest. However, certain bachelor degree programs are also offered by the universities, wherein a combination of three or more arts subjects is offered at the undergraduate level.

The list of popular arts courses is mentioned below:  

  • Archaeology is a field of study which deals with the analysis, documentation, recovery of historical materials and historical data such as landscapes, artifacts, architecture and bio-facts to unfold the early human civilization. B.A in Archaeology is one of the popular courses in this field. B.A in Archaeology is a suitable course for those students who have a keen interest in discovering the past civilization.


  • Creative Writing is regarded as a work of art, an original composition made through writer’s creative imagination and observation. Poetry, drama, fiction novels, short story writing and screenplay writing - all fall under the category of creative writing. A B.A. and a diploma program in creative writing are some of the popular courses available for the students. Creative writing course equips students with skills and techniques of writing.


  • Economics subject deals with production, consumption and distribution of goods and services in an economy. There are many branches of economics such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Development economics, Public Economics, International economics etc. Students can pursue B.A honours in Economics at the undergraduate level. Students also have the option of taking economics as one of the three optional subjects in B.A course.


  • English is an international language and is the most commonly used language in learning academic subjects. Besides, English language is very essential for an individual’s career growth.  In most of organizations particularly in Business Process Outsourcing (B.P.O), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (K.P.O) and Information Technology, English language is utilized. Mostly students pursue B.A honors in English or B.A in English program. Other courses available are B.A in Communicative English and B.A in English Language and Literature.


  • Fine Arts subjects comprise of dancing, design, sculpture, architecture, pottery, interior design, painting, drama and music. Fine Arts as a subject is gaining popularity among today’s youth as conventional art forms are now being converted into profitable ventures. The courses offered in this field are B.A in Creative Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A), B.A in Dance, B.A in Fine Arts, Diploma in Fine Arts, B.A in Music, B.A Visual Arts, B.F.A in Painting and B.A Honors in Music.


  • Future and Development Studies is one of the branches of economics. Development studies deals with the problems of underdeveloped and less developed countries. Development Studies basically focuses on issues related to social and economic development of regions and communities within the third world countries. Students interested in development studies can pursue B.A in Development studies at undergraduate level.


  • General Arts is mainly related to liberal education. The curriculum includes political, geographical, social and cultural system. It requires specialization in a single discipline. The major or an honors program enables students to focus on one particular area of study. The courses available in this field are B.A General.


  • Geography and Geology subjects deals with study of earth and landscape.  Geography mainly studies land utilization, population, climate, soil, vegetation and industries across the world.Geology deals with analyzing materials, organisms, structures and processes of the Earth. The work of  a geologist is to understand the past history of our planet in order to visualize the processes of the past and future. The undergraduate courses in this field are B.A in Geography, B.A honors in Geography and B.A honors in Geology.


  • History essentially deals with studying the past human civilization and their cultures. Studying major or honors degree in history enables students to learn as well as research on major cultural, social, economic and political events that occurred in the past. The popular undergraduate courses are B.A in History major, B.A honors in History and B.A in Ancient History.


  • Languages mainly refer to a communication or a linguistic system. Language is the most powerful communication tool for an individual. The scientific study of language is known as linguistics. The study of language includes communication skills, grammatical structure, writing, speaking, listening as well as reading. Studying languages helps students in understanding different cultures and people. It also helps one to preserve minority and endangered languages. At undergraduate level, students can pursue Bachelor’s degree (B.A) course in various languages.


  • Philosophy mainly deals with fundamental problems related to mind, values, knowledge, politics and existence.  There are different branches in philosophy such as Political Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ethics, Epistemology, Logic and religion. B.A in Philosophy and B.A honours in Philosophy are the popular courses.


  • Political Science is a field of study which deals with theory as well as practice of politics. It also studies analysis of political behavior and political systems. A person specializing in this field of study is known as a political scientist. Political scientists usually influences the world in an indirect manner by educating citizens and political leaders by contributing to debates on political issues and encouraging people to hold their own opinion. B.A in Political Science and B.A honours in Political Science are the most popular courses in this field.


  • Psychology is a study of complex human mind, behavior and thought process. The main objective of psychology is to understand mental problems and finding solution for the problems. Students interested in Psychology can pursue B.A Honors in Applied Psychology, B.A in Applied Psychology, B.A Honors in Psychology and B.A in Psychology.


  • Public administration is an interdisciplinary discipline and draws theories and concepts from economics, political science, administrative, management, law, and sociology. The subject broadly studies the development and implementation of government policies. At the undergraduate level, students can pursue B.A in Public Administration.


  • Sociology, social science and social work generally comes under the social science division. Social science has proper observation and analysis methods for developing and refining the knowledge associated with social activity and organization. Sociology is essentially a very extensive discipline in respect to both methodology and subject matter. It is focused on social relations, social stratification, culture and deviance, social interaction and its approaches have included both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. B.A in Social Policy, B.A in Social work, B.S.W (Bachelor in Social work) and B.A in Sociology are the popular courses under this field.


  • Other Arts discipline includes ancient and modern languages, philosophy, religion, literature, history, law and visual and performing arts (including music). The popular courses under this field are B.A in Defense and Strategic Studies, B.A in Human Resource Development, B.A in Human Resource Management, B.A in Marketing, B.A. in Physical Education, B.A. in Travel and Tourism Management, B.A. Honors in Vedic Astrology and B.A in Theology.


So, there are lots of course options to choose from in the arts stream at an undergraduate level. Students can pursue further studies in the subject of their interest to gain even deeper understanding of the chosen field of study.

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