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Career in Bachelor of Computer Applications

Published On: 25 Apr 2009 | Last Updated On: 04 Jul 2012

Bachelor of Computer Application is a course that is tailored for students aspiring to excel in the field of computers. If you are inclined towards computer related subjects and studies OR Even if you are not really interested in computers but do have a quick thinking mind that can analyze the situation at hand and apply concepts towards solving them, then this is the course for you.

Subjects and Concepts studied in B.C.A are at par with subjects to be Engineers study in their Engineering syllabus. B.C.A programs are generally of 3 year i.e., 6 semester duration leading to a Graduate degree in "Bachelor of Computer Application".


A Standard 12th or equivalent School/College degree from any recognized Education Board.

Subjects of study:-

B.C.A students are introduced to Computer Fundamentals & Programming Concepts as these are the basic skills they build upon later. Most B.C.A courses involve learning and mastering various programming languages as Practical Labs assignments are also a part of the course. Some of the common subjects studied would be:-

Data and File Structure Using C, D.B.M.S., Digital Electronics and Computer Organization, Computer Oriented Statistical & Optimization Methods, Operating System, Computer System Architecture & Assembly Language, Production & Operations Management, Computer Oriented Financial Management, Data Communication Networks, Computer Graphics, Object Oriented Design and Programming in C++, Software Engineering, Programming in Visual BASIC, Information Systems: Analysis, Design & Implementation, Client Server Technology, Multimedia and Applications.

Career Opportunities:-

The range of careers in Computer and IT related fields are immense. Some are creative and some are highly technical. Much of the work involves lateral thinking and problem solving.

The careers opportunities can be broadly categorized under Computer programmers, Software Developers, Web Designers/Developers, Business/System analysts, System operators, Training professionals, Customer/help desk/Technical support executives or Team Leads, Technicians and even Sales professionals in Computer application based companies.

After successful completion of BCA you can work as a :- Software Programmer, Database Administrator, System and Network Administrator, Multimedia/Web Programmer, Web Designer or if you lean towards the academic side - As Faculty for Computer Science/Computer Application Technologies.

After successful completion of B.C.A, one can opt for post graduate courses such as M.C.A or M.B.A in Information Technology. Remuneration for B.C.A degree holders is generally attractive as jobs may be related to the IT/ITES based industries.


Being an ally of the IT industry, the job opportunities and salary perks are subject to the IT market needs and conditions. The work culture and ethics are also very similar. Remuneration for B.C.A graduates depends on the skill set candidates can offer to their prospective companies.

While some companies may be willing to pick up fresher’s and train them to suit their technological needs, others may expect you to possess prior industry exposure either in terms of experience or in terms of additional programming knowledge/abilities.

Therefore, Candidates who make the effort to pick up skills which are not limited to their syllabus will be suitably rewarded. So my advice to everyone would be: Make that effort, go for the big guns! You never know where you may strike Gold.

Please do consider these other possible course options:-

B.Sc in Information Technology
B.Sc in Computer Science
Bachelor of Engineering

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