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Career in MCA

Published On: 27 Sep 2010 | Last Updated On: 04 Jul 2012

Information Technology is growing at an extra ordinary pace. More qualified professionals are required by many companies in India and abroad. The increasing demand alone is not the cause for people seeking a career in IT, in fact the salary, life style and social status attained through this profession attracts many people to it. As per sources, a young IT professional salary is 200 percent higher than the average salary earned by any other profession.

To seek a career in IT, one requires grooming, which means one has to take up well structured education. Master in Computer Applications or MCA is one such educational course, which lets individuals to get top-notch positions in reputed companies.

MCA is a three year full time course comprising of six semesters and covers many subjects like programming, development, designing, accounting, finance, networks and managing databases. This sophisticated course helps individuals to take the major decisions related to development and programming in organizations.


This course provides an introduction to software engineering concepts, which helps individual to assist quality control. Further it includes the Enterprise Resource planning, the latest concept which is used to connect the whole enterprise. Individuals acquire more knowledge and skill set through this program and it also educates to apply the latest technologies effectively and efficiently to meet the corporate requirement.

The MCA course initially starts with foundation course where the fundamentals of computers are dealt, and then it moves on to several tools and techniques related to computer software. Finally it will assist individuals to apply the gained computer skills in various fields like finance, business, E business, etc.

Computer skills - Primarily this course focuses on computer software and hardware skills. Lot of emphasis is given on designing, developing and planning of complex business application software.

Management skills - Decision Making, planning, problem solving and delegation skills are imparted to transform individuals to potential candidates to compete in the job market.

Human skills - Interpersonal and communication skills are required in any type organizations. Even though you are well versed in computers, if you lack proper presentation, application and communication skills, it is difficult to survive in the current job market. This course helps you enhance your interpersonal and argument skills, and makes you a fully fledged computer professional.

Job prospects:-

Starting from business to aerospace, medicine to military you can find jobs in many fields. Based on your interest and ability you can do the specialization in the final year. There are many job prospects for MCA candidates like Programmer, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Software Consultant, Quality Assurance Engineer, System Analyst, Technical Support Engineers and Test Engineer. You learn about the function of the each job, their contribution and limitation in the organization.


Software industry is well known for excellent pay and amazing growth. After completing the sophisticated high end course, you can start your career in any company with good salary. Depending on your performance, dedication and hard work, you can climb the corporate ladder very fast.

Overseas opportunity is also abundant, Indian software professional have great demand in developed countries like UK, US and Canada. International company’s salaries are always attractive; however the salary range depends on the company where you are going to work. The normal remuneration range offered by companies is as follows

  • Programmer                            300000 – 400000
  • Network Engineer                    350000 - 400000
  • Database Administrator            250000- 300000
  • Software Consultant                 325000 – 375000
  • Quality Assurance Engineer     375000 – 425000
  • Test Engineer                          350000  - 400000

Many well recognized universities will have campus interview, where all big companies recruit student from final year directly from the college. So after completing the course successfully you have the job right in front of you. Ideally this course equips and assists you to find the right job.

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