Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science that constitutes of not only biology but other subjects also such as engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics. Biotechnology is essentially research oriented and mainly aims at applying technology towards development of different medicines, diagnostics, vaccines and enhancing productivity. Students with qualities such as good concentration, perseverance, methodical approach, imagination and objectivity should opt for this career. On this channel you will find information about various programs and careers available for you in the biotechnology stream after completion of (10+2).

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Career opportunity for Biotechnology

Biology has been known as the discipline that gives us language to speak. It is about referencing every object and subject. Elements and objects in the territory are discriminated, sounds are heard, sniffed and touched to get their names and intentions and possibilities in every way. Biotechnology ...

Career options for you after class 12 science stream

Science as a stream is a large umbrella for hundreds of disciplines and it has to be the most popular stream for Indian students who are looking to have a great career. If one wants to be creator of things or design something or want to get into research or medical care, science stream helps in ...

Career in Biotechnology

biotechnology.JPG Biotechnology is a Biotechnology interdisciplinary science, which encompasses the study of biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics engineering and engineering. It is a fast growing and promising field in science that finds application in every aspect of industrial and daily life from chemical, ...

Biotechnology Courses in India

Biotechnology is a fast growing and promising field of study that progresses ahead through research and development. It is the field that introduced cloning technology to the world and also introduced scientific methods for genetic engineering and new modes of vegetative propagation and many more ...

Career in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics.jpg Ever since the first genetic sequence was deciphered in the 70s, Biology has been steadily evolving into an information science. Efforts made by The Human Genome Project and various other projects, have made Bioinformatics   Bioinformatics enter the industry about decade ago. With this ...

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