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Final Year Projects for B.E, B.Tech, M.Sc, M.C.A

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Dear  Students,

                        We are glad to inform you that we are handling the academic project for Final year students for Fourth successful year on areas of Networking, Security, Protocol Development, Device drivers, AdHoc Network, mobile technology, Wireless Network, Optical Communication, Neural Network, Grid Computing, GPRS, Biometrics, artificial intelligence, Telecom Technology of very Latest technology. We are handling projects on various domains here in our premises.



   Plenty of Innovative Projects for Splendid Students

Partial List of our Projects:


1) Aynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM): - JAVA 


Aynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) has been accepted universally as the transfer mode of choice for Broadband Integrated Services Digital Networks(BISDN). ATM can handle any kind of information i.e. voice, data, image, text and video in an integrated manner. ATM provides a good bandwidth flexibility and can be used efficiently from desktop computers to local area and wide area networks. 

2) Load Balancing using Proxy :  - JAVA                                     


Load balancing is a technique (usually performed by load balancers) to spread work between many computers, processes, hard disks or other resources in order to get optimal resource utilization and decrease computing time. Load balancing is dividing the amount of work that a computer has to do between two or more computers so that more work gets done in the same amount of time and, in general, all users get served faster. Load balancing can be implemented with hardware, software, or a combination of both. Typically, load balancing is the main reason for computer server clustering.


3) Denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or Distributed Denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack): – JAVA (IEEE 2006)

Denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or Distributed Denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) poses an immense threat to the Internet, and many defense mechanisms have been proposed to combat the problem.  Existing defense systems deploy various strategies to counter the problem; the one, which is used, is Throttle Algorithm.




The objective of the web application entitled Securing. Image URL's is to authenticate users using third party image components that are integrated into the web application. The project also avoids direct image access using URLs.The developed secured image URL provide a way to hide the URLs of images from any access outside that permitted by the security logic inside the web pages. No URLs available in the HTML source code anymore. The system uses symmetric encryption to make the Path query string unreadable on the client, thereby hiding any details about the location of the images on the server.


5) Design and development of Web Services for textile management: - ASP .Net

The main objective of the "Design and development of Web Services for textile management" is to design and develop web services required for the maintenance of various web sites at different levels.  (Application, Networking,) To achieve effective Enterprise Application Integration for huge volume business Houses. Application service gives detail about the information like site visit, visited Users, links, and hit ratio, user preferences.


6)  Smart Knowledge Provider: - ASP.Net


Intelligent user group is an on-line web application project, with user friendly environment, to provide technical knowledge transfer between various sections at technological experts across the globe with the motive of service.


7) Net Banking:  - ASP.Net               


The project titled "Net Banking" is a web-based system that provides an onview of all bank accounts. Onview puts it all in one screen so that tracking and managing online accounts becomes quicker and easier than ever before giving complete picture of the finances across multiple accounts.


8) Call Center Management - ASP.Net


The project "Call Center Management" automates the operations of a call center by giving replies to the customer's queries. By adding more entries to the data base store, the application can respond to more number of queries from the customers. The importance is giving correct reply to the input queries. A mail service is provided to send information from the call center executive to the customer. In turn customer can also send mails to the company regarding the clarification of their doubts about the product details and the company details. This project has 2 modules. These are

v  Chat services

v  Mail services


9) Advertisement Tracking System Using (SOA) – ASP.Net                                                                        

 A  SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is essentially a collection of services. These services communicate with each other. The communication can involve either simple data passing or it could involve two or more services coordinating some activity. Some means of connecting services to each other is needed. SOA is used to build composite applications for increasing information visibility, improving business agility, and making smarter business decisions .

10) Mobila – ASP.Net                                                                        


Mobila is an mobile management system, it carries out end to end process in mobile shop. Maintenance of mobile of shop is tedious process for the owner. By installing the Mobila s/w product we can carry out all the activities in the industry in easier manner. Mobila reduces all the paper work and brings everything in the Database.



11) Web Mining – ASP .Net


World Wide Web has become an important channel for conducting the busi-nesses. The Internet provides the opportunity to access the global market for the enterprises. Increasingly the Internet is becoming the first point of contact with prospects and the customers for the businesses. This leads to the necessity for understanding the behavior of the web site visitors, by analyzing and profiling their behavior. Data Warehousing and Data Mining technologies can help the e-businesses to better understand their e-customers.



 12) Computer Spares Sales System - VB .Net        


This project is entitled COMPUTER SPARES SALES SYSTEM for the office executives using VB Dot Net with MS-SQL Database e. To provide a quick & faster service. The project is concerned with computerization of Distributors Details, Enquire Details, Stock Details, Advertisement Details, Sales Details, Employee Details, Attendance Details, Salary Details, A.M.C Details, Service Details, Wireless Consulting & Networking Details and Buy Back Details etc.



13) Dyeing Process SystemVB .Net


The Project entitled "DYEING PROCESS SYSTEM" is developed for all companies undergoing dye process. This project maintains the activities taken place in dying process. In this, attempt is made to design coding that can maintain huge data regarding customer details, purchase details, Thread details, sales details, stock receiving details. The major work involves in maintaining the details regarding the dye to be purchased, bundle of threads to be made, thread stock available, number of customers etc. 

14) Image Processing - C# .Net


Image Processing Lab is a simple tool for image processing, which includes different filters and tools to analyze images available in a Forge.NET framework. It's easy to develop your own filters and to integrate them with the code or to use the tools in your own application.

15) Database Schema Comparison Utility C# - C# .Net                                       


Develop database code (including tables, views, stored process and functions, they tend to develop in a development environment and then migrate those changes later to other servers (staging, production, whatever). While some of us are good about keeping track of those changes, the majority of us are not .Red-Gate Software offers a tool, Sql Compare to compare the schema of two databases and show them to the user. This tool is not inexpensive, but it works very well. This article provides the basic functionality used to do the same thing as SQL Compare, at a fraction of the price.


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Kind Regards


Ganesh.K (Project Manager)

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