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I Am You

Published On: 21 Jan 2011

  The mirror you (God) stand before - we need to gaze into it also. That name you called Beloved as I fell from your lips - ... I suffer because I did not quite hear it; so tell me again dear One so

Don't Forget Me,Don't forget to visit my grave

Published On: 31 May 2010

DON’T FORGET ME Don’t forget me, now I’ve gone But remember me in happy ways Don’t dwell on all the sadness Bring to mind those special days Don’t wipe me from your memory But don’t grieve now I’ve passed..

Be my voyage partners…

Published On: 12 Mar 2010

Let’s make precious love memory Let’s make splendid love story Time is running and making memory My love is thriving day by day Like a blossom tree I am in deep fantasy with you I am in love slumber and dreaming Love is sparking like..

See? There's always someone in your life that will remember your existence!

Published On: 15 Nov 2009


Missing you............

Published On: 09 Nov 2009

Missing you............   The first day when we met I couldn’t believe that I was holding you, My heart pounded as I looked at you Finally it was me and you. When I held your hand so tight “This is it, this is real, what a..

To this life journey of mine.

Published On: 02 Jun 2009

Unspoken words heard from a distance Untouched feelings felt from the heart I traveled far too distant places Searching for my fate in an empty land. Unheard thoughts, untouched senses I sat by the sea-side and I close my eyes, Let the ray..

Should I leave job?????

Published On: 15 Apr 2009

Should I leave job????? I know its sounds so crazy and frenzied, but really I am so confused my words are languish, I am facing so many problem at my office due to all those rubbish things I am getting languid in my life, getting lots of ..

Not Easy!!!!

Published On: 12 Apr 2009

True love marks life..And the love i mean is not incircled in a particular area; but its wider that inculdes parent's love, friend's love , children's love, nature's love... to love everything around us & appreciate


Published On: 08 Mar 2009

Everything is burning. Everyone is on fire. The hearts are numb with pain Eyes don?t cry. To kill or to be killed is the fate The master plan so they say. Who is the master and what?s the plan Am I in it or out of it I wish I knew. We had reached

Happy Valentine Day!!!!

Published On: 14 Feb 2009

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