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                                                               A visit to VTU, Belgaum,Karnataka
Blogs can do wonders if they convey the right information. I write this one to aid all those who brave the journey to VTU. If you are in search of information regarding the issue of Official transcripts by VTU or attestation of Degree Certificate by The Registrar ( Evaluation ), VTU , you have hit bull's eye.
I planned to apply for MS in US ( as do most souls in India). I took up with a  consultant  here in Bangalore. I was told to get 10 photocopies of  so many documents. And to add to that , there was this  phenomenal attestation to get.
Most of my friends who were applying for MS felt comfortable enough to apply for the University official transcripts by post.I, on the other hand, took this opportunity as a trip.
I took a bus ( Rajahamsa Executive 9:00 pm ) from Majestic bound for Belgaum.This was in June when the South West Monsoon had entered the land. I reached Belgaum at 7:30 AM on Friday the 13th. It must have rained heavily the previous night, atleast that's how it looked. I had read a blog wherein the guy had suggested to take a bus bound for Santhibastavad ( सन्तिबस्थवड ) from C.B.T. (Central Bus Terminal). Fortunately, the intercity bus stand in Belgaum, C.B.S. is dead opposite C.B.T , the intracity bus stand. I recorded 4 buses that go to V.T.U from C.B.T. The bus numbers are : 113,122,78 and 161. The university is around 12 kms from C.B.T.
En-route I noted the changing landscape and stark contrast of the hustle of Belgaum city center and the rustic outskirts.The bus passed through College Road, Gogte Circle off Railway station, Khanapur Road ( Tilakwadi), Khanapur road (Udhyambag), Peeranwadi,  Jamboti Road and finally after beautiful 40 minutes  the entrance arch  of VTU  welcomed  me.
The sight of a lone Bank of Mysore with an attached ATM lifted my spirits. But I had already enquired before-hand and I had taken the necessary D.D.s with me.The D.D. details are as follows: I had applied for 14 official transcripts. Hence the D.D. amount  came to 2200/- ( (1* 250) + (13*150)=2200 ). I also needed the attestation of Registrar V.T.U ( Evaluation) on 10 photocopies of my Degree Certificate.So I had a separate D.D. worth 1750/- ( 10*175=1750). The D.D.s are payable at Belgaum and must be drawn in favor of " The Finance Officer,VTU, Belgaum".
Along with the D.D.s I was asked to submit one set of photocopies of the 1st to 8th sem marks cards ( college principal attestation on these not required).
If there are any documents to be attested we need to take them ourselves. In my case, I  took  10 photocopies  with me and was asked to submit the same with the 1750/- D.D.
Things to Note: If all the necessary documents are submitted  before  1:30 pm,  then the official  transcripts and the attested documents will be given on the same working day.If the documents are submitted by the student after 1:30 pm, then the transcripts will be issued on the next working day. Also , second saturday of the month is a holiday.

The office opened at 10:00 AM. I was the first in line to apply. I submitted all the required documents.I was told to collect the transcripts at 4:00 pm.
Meanwhile I whiled away the time in the University campus. I had a novel ( "Five Days In Summer" by Kate Pepper) with me which I managed to finish reading by 2:30 pm. Then I went around the campus and was surprised to see three rocket models ( PSLV, GSLV-D2 and GSLV- MK-III) juxtaposed near a pathway.Wonder why they are there ? VTU campus has MBA and M-Tech classes. I never knew that before.
 I was fortunate to receive my transcripts at 4:30 pm on the same day ( friday the 13th ).I took a bus ( Rajahamsa Exac 7:00pm ) back to Bangalore.

Before you decide to venture to VTU, Belgaum I would suggest you to call the Registrar at either of the following numbers for doubts regarding official transcripts:

 0831-2498136 / 2498135

Hope this blog was helpful.

"The greatest journeys are those that take you home." - 'The Namesake'  by Jhumpa Lahiri

santhibastavad संथीबस्ठावाद सन्तिबस्थवड

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