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Imbibing the Corporate Social Responsibility mantra well before they step into the corporate world, IIT Guwahati [ IIT-G ] students recently launched the "Zero Illiteracy Zone" program. This ambitious program is an earnest effort by IIT G students to reach out to the weaker, illiterate sections of society. IIT G students, Through this reach out plan aim to turn the IIT G campus into an open doored 'Gurukul'.

In the land that cradled civilization, Where Teachers are as revered as Gods on Earth, IIT G students set out on this noble cause with the will to help as many unlucky illiterates as they possibly can. Several IIT G students banded together and conducted classes for their students - Devoting at least an hour of their busy study schedules four days each week - classes being held within the Kendriya Vidyalaya, located in the IIT-G premises.

The students having stepped into the role of "Teachers" here, have been in the process of picking up students from villages surrounding IIT G for the past few months. At least over 150 students are said to have been benefited by this effort till date. A felicitation program was also held recently to mark the success and progress achieved by the students in the exams that were conducted.

Young students apart, the Literacy drive is said to have benefited older ones as well including the institutes grade IV employees. IIT-G students begun the "Zero Illiteracy Zone" the initiative by teaching the IIT-G security guards English initially. Spurred on by the the Results then seen, these youngsters rolled out the "Zero Illiteracy Zone" campaign right after.
Students of IIT-G observed that although some students had studied up to middle school levels, Yet they had problems with basic mathematical skills besides their Hindi and English communication troubles.
IIT G students seem to firmly believe that Such interaction between the indigenous people of the area and the Elite teaching institution helps bridge the cultural gaps gaping at all of us owed to the fast paced globalization of Indian cities and towns. And at the same time, It creates awareness about education and its benefits amongst villagers. 
What can one say but Hats Off Guys and Gals! You people prove that the younger generation firmly has its feet on the ground, Heads on their shoulders and Heart in place as well.

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