Board Exams

Board Exam

In India, board examinations are important examinations take place at the end of the 9th-10th grade education (SSC) or at the end of the 11th-12th grade education (HSC).  The marks obtained in these exams play a very vital role for taking admission into a university, getting into training programs/professional courses or possibly in finding employment.

The two important boards in India are:

Exam Procedure

These exams takes place in India simultaneously for ensuring that the questions are not leaked in advance. Usually the security is extremely high for the board examinations. The question papers are dispersed after the proper suprevision and their contents are protected strictly until the exam starts. The examinations might comprise of multiple sets of question papers as well. The applicants are issued ID passes in-advance which can be presented at the examination center to the invigilators.

It’s not mandatory that the exam center should be the same school from where the candidate is from. For ensuring impartiality, the applicant does not have to identify himself on the answer script except with an identification number. Use of calculators and other means apart from logarithm tables is prohibited. The duration of examination lasts for about three hours per subject; two and half hours in-case of science and one and half hours for science practical.


The answer scripts are sent to the board of education for checking. The papers are checked based on examples of model answers. Before evaluating an answer script a false roll no. is attached to it. Once the answers are evaluated, the identity numbers are matched with the actual roll no. and identification number of the candidate. The board of education then issues an official grade/score for the exam to the applicant as well as a certificate of completion in the case of the HSC exam.

Additional Information

Recently, the Human Resource Development ministry of India proclaimed that the board exam for class X will be made optional from 2011. Moreover in 2010, the structure of evaluation will change from marks to grades, and a scheme of percentiles will be established. This is a part of sweeping changes in the system of education which has been initiated by the HRD minister, Kapil Sibal. No one will be failed this year.

List of Board Exams

National Level Boards of Education

State Level Boards of Education

Andhra Pradesh







Himachal Pradesh

Jammu & Kashmir




Madhya Pradesh









Tamil Nadu


Uttar Pradesh

West Bengal


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